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  1. Pete G

    Saw blade size

    What size blade (tpi) do you use for cutting inlays from .035 sheet brass with a jewelers saw?
  2. Pete G

    Chambers Early Ketland

    I have the subject lock and am looking for suggestions on where to use it. What would you build around it?
  3. Pete G

    Barrel Tang Thickness

    While inletting a tang it occurred to me that we are removing a lot of wood from one of the weaker areas of the stock. What is the minimum tang thickness that you use? It seems to me that all of the commercial breech plugs are overly thick in this area, probably to allow for adjustment.
  4. Pete G

    Black spray paint

    I have seen where some builders will use black spray paint to help create a patina on their stock. I am planning a blacksmith built gun and it seems that would be an appropriate place to try that type of finish. I have a few questions before I dive off into this. How heavily is it applied, a...
  5. Pete G

    Partial Flash

    I had something unusual happen last weekend at a re-enactment. Loading is done with a paper cartridge in the military fashion; the sequence is usually to tear the end from the cartridge, tap a few grains in the pan, close the frizzen and dump the rest down the bore. I had a charge that had a...
  6. Pete G

    What size tent?

    What would you consider the minimum size wedge tent for two folks for a week's time? I am looking for something that would hold two cots and still leave some room for clothing and gear storage.
  7. Pete G

    Donelson's Rangers

    Does anyone have any information about Donelson's Rangers who participate at Ft Toulose/Ft Jackson in Wetumpka, Alabama? I would be interested in contacting this group.