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  1. Leadball loader

    Thicker patch with smaller ball in a .58 cal rifle

    I am thinking about trying a thicker patch with a ball under .570. Does anyone use a similar combination with reasonable results? I'm hoping for a thumb pressure loading combination for a Colrain barrel with radius groove rifling without coning the barrel. LBL
  2. Leadball loader

    Pedersoli .58cal Harpers Ferry Flintlock Pistol

    At the recent fall encampment I attended I got to shoot a flintlock pistol and became interested in doing some shooting with one of my own. When I got home my son told me about a gun for sale in a nearby town and I am now in possession of a .58cal Pedersoli 1807 flintlock pistol. It is most...
  3. Leadball loader

    Wearing trousers instead of breeches in the 18th century

    Wearing trousers would seem to me more sensible for laboring men to wear rather than knee breeches. Is there any evidence trousers were common in trades people in the 18th century? It makes for no long stocking to cover the calf of the leg. LBL
  4. Leadball loader

    Practice does pay off.

    I have finally started to see some results from my Smoothbore practice and equipment maintenance. Since properly fitting the barrel pins I have eliminated my random hits issue and allowed my hold and sight picture to show a true point of aim impacts on my targets. this target is the best I...
  5. Leadball loader

    Smoothbore accuracy in heat and humidity

    We are in hot high humidity weather pattern that I think may have wised me up as to why my groups vanished as a shooting session progressed. I remember reading a post that said a smoothbore should not be pinned tight or you would not be able to get accuracy. I never connected the dots enough to...
  6. Leadball loader

    Tracks Fusil De Chasse In 58cal rifled barrel. Anyone have experience with one?

    Would like feedback on weight and handling of the finished kit gun.. LBL
  7. Leadball loader

    Progress is a 2 1/2 inch group with a flyer!

    I’m not the fastest learner as it has taken me 2 years to finally make a reasonable group with my FDC from an off hand position. I had to incorporate a little assist to enable the deal but ,I think eventually I will be able to practice my way to unassisted grouping. The assistant is heavy...
  8. Leadball loader

    Flintlock vent liners in the 18th century??

    I know vent liners are common on repro guns but when was the practice started? I believe that original guns would have only had eroded vents plugged and redrilled not cones as modern vents are. this question came to mind after a gun show conversation with a fellow displaying several modern...
  9. Leadball loader

    Leadballs needed!!!

    This week I realized I was not going to live up to my name if I didn’t take some serious action to ensure I could. I was in danger of running out of ball for my FDC. Had only 42 rds on hand and I try to shoot a couple times a week. today I spent four hours plus with anRCBS lead furnace and my...
  10. Leadball loader

    Buchele marked lock

    I have a flintlock that my son got with a lot of gun parts. It is marked Buchele on the outside Of the plate and made in Italy stamped on inside. It takes 5/8 flints and seems to spark well. It has never been on a rifle and is not drilled for the bolts. Who sold these and when? I think I...
  11. Leadball loader

    History of my local area I never knew

    I retired three years ago and became aware that I had missed a hundred years of history of the region I have lived in my entire life. Except for the start of the Revolution I had focused on action out of New England and as I began to read of the early history of the area I have learned about a...
  12. Leadball loader

    Belgian charleville circa 1974

    Back during the bicentennial celebration I participated in a militia re-enactment company commemorating the Arnold Expedition to Quebec. I needed a musket and was short on cash. My American Rifleman had a Century Arms advertisement for a Charleville musket made in Belgium so another fellow and...
  13. Leadball loader

    Musket use in 18th century era

    In the posts asking about the comparison between the Bess and the Charleville muskets there was a discussion about durability and soldiers abuse of their muskets. The soldiers and militia in the continental army spent more time carrying those cumbersome long arms than actually using them in...
  14. Leadball loader

    Wayne’s Legion light infantry musket

    I have been reading about the first national army in Autumn of the Black Snake by W. Homeland. There is a description of a redesigned musket for the Light Infantry units to allow faster shooting. Has anyone seen an example of these muskets? General Wayne himself apparently was involved in the...
  15. Leadball loader

    Fusil de Chasse original metal finish

    I have not found any references to the barrel and locks on the Fusil de Chasse being blued or browned. Is there a reference source that does indicate that there was a finish or were they most likely Arsenal bright? Leadball loaders
  16. Leadball loader

    18th century Smoothbore lifespan

    Somewhere in my reading recently I was surprised to see the author state that guns only lasted a few years. Guns were considered consumables. I had also read somewhere that Native American took care of their firearms. Considering the corrosive propellant used it is not surprising that guns...
  17. Leadball loader

    Flintlock guns with no vent liners

    The challenge of shooting flintlocks without modern vent liners has kept me occupied for the last year. It has shown me just how skilled the old time shooters had to be. I hope to get good enough to be consistently able to hold my target and I’ve got a ways to go. The only solution from what I...