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    Forum malfunctions?

    I get a lot of glitchy behavior on this forum. Often I can not open the second or third page of some threads. Today I got a white block that obscured much of the page. Are these deliberate to force me to log in? Logging on fixes it. Often I want to check in and see if something new came...
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    This Forum Freezes constantly

    Since I don't have access to the non gun forums , I post this here. This forum freezes constantly. Buttons to go to a second and third page of a thread are often inoperable. Sometimes I can refresh and it works. Refreshing often changes the page layout slightly. Sometimes I have to back out...
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    Forum Malfunctions?

    Lots of times when I try to maneuver in this forum, the cursor is not recognized when I try to click. If I refresh the page it then works. This is a constant problem. I am using windows 10 and Brave browser. Any ideas what is wrong.
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    NMLRA rules, unlimited pistol

    Copyright 2015 - National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association - 6103 – UNLIMITED HANDGUN – 6103.5 – Ammunition – Round ball and bullets are allowed. For NMLRA competition, with the unlimited target pistols, bullets are OK. Question, is a bullet that is mechanically fitted to the bore...
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    Revolver conicals

    I reamed my 1858 chambers to 0.452". It shoots much better with balls. 2" at 25 yards or so. Conicals? Better still? What size? I was considering having Accurate Molds make me a mold to the specs in the attached picture. Any comments on the dimensions or the idea in general?
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    Decent nipples

    I got a set of Track nipples for a Pedersoli 1858. They sere too soft. After about 200 shots the nipples were riveted enough that capping became a struggle. The top edges were distorted and uneven. I did not dry fire. I ruined one while filing the cone to the more correct contour. Who...
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    1858 Navy 36 ?

    I'm having fun with my 1858 Army 44. The chambers were undersized relative to the groove diameter. I fixed that. I tuned it. It shoots well. I can not help but wonder if a 36 would be more ergonomically accurate. But what about the old undersized chamber problem? Anyone know if any...
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    Adding an image to a post?

    Do I really need to put it on another web page and post a link here? No way to host it on this site?
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    Vincent cap box mechanisim

    How is the catch done on these?