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    Building a Late Flint English Rifle

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    Eley wire cartridge

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    A nice double gun

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    Finished Fainot inspired Lancaster fowler

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    pair of English flintlock pistols

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    My Rendezvous Camp

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    Pedersoli Bess?

    In Australia the first Fleet 1788 , arrived complete with Marines and their 1759 Marine Muskets . As a very new British out post the most encountered muskets are 59 pattern Marine , India type 1 , all types of Sea Service Muskets , and just about any type of gun trade commercial type you can...
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    Pedersoli Bess?

    Well I love mine :grin: . After a lot of personal research I do believe that Pedersoli copied their Bess from a 1759 pattern Marine Musket , a very large % of surviving guns have Grice marked locks in the 61&62 range (FYI not seen in US although one is in Battle weapons of the American...
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    English Driven Pheasat Day

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    Shiny old M.1742 LLP

    The cock is a replacement and the barrel does not look to be from that stock :hmm:
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    Help ID my old rifle

    Hardly rates an answer , none the less prolific makers of late percussion trade guns :)
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    Colonial American militia musket: in progress

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    Help ID my old rifle

    once again Parker Field
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    Help ID my old rifle

    MMMM possible very late Parker Field ?
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    20 ga English fowler

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    Courier du Bois

    Looks good :thumbsup:
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    1765-1775 English Fowler

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    Wheellock Rifle

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    Flint comes loose in hammer

    Dave is spot on , it is my experience that all flints will work loose , sooner or later , just get into the habit of checking every few shots , fyi an ignition change is usually a flint coming loose .
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    Finally Joined the Smoothbore Family!

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