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    A good day grouse hunting.

    We call them mountain chickens, they taste so much better than chicken though. Their best attribute is to nearly give ya a heart attack when they finally spook and fly away to a tree. You need to damn near step on them out here in my area.
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    A good day grouse hunting.

    Why pluck, cut or clean? Immediately after dispatching the bird, lay it on its back, spread the wings out to the ground and put your left/right foot on top of corresponding wings, grab the feet of the bird and pull everything you want to eat! Grouse, dove quaill, works perfect. No fuss no muss
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    Poured some lead today.

    ive never tried bees wax, either paraffin or gulf wax is how I was shown.
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    Poured some lead today.

    It helps draw out the impurity, it will bring it to the top of the melt and you remove it from the lead.
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    Poured some lead today.

    I do, I smelt all my lead in a larger set up, I add saw dust for flux to help clean the impurity’s then pour ingots for later use. When I cast, I use a bottom pour pot, I add a kidney bean sized bit of wax to the pot and stir it in.
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    Graf black powder accuracy

    The only answer you need can only come from you and your rifle by getoting some range time with the powder
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    My very own .36 Cal !

    I am in California, for now. Muzzleloaders are not on the radar here. I’ve looked around and there is a muzzleloader club shoot about 2 hours from me once a month. I am a craftsman, 3rd generation, I greatly admire the rifle building skill and want to learn. I’m thinking I had just better jump...
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    Beer Can Busters of the World Unite

    unfortunately I don’t have beer cans to target anymore, I have been reduced to whitclaws, my awesome wife of 23 years said that beer makes my farts stink! So no more beer. The whiteclaw cans are taller and narrower, still a fine target.
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    My very own .36 Cal !

    Yup, I want an apprenticeship program to start to learn this. You either have the skills or you don’t. Your work is absolutely beautiful.
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    Getting ripped off by a forum member?

    It’s personal when a person gets ripped off, if there is a scammer or unscrupulous seller I feel it should be well known on this forum or any forum. Cast boolits has thread to identify such, it has to be approved by a moderator to post. It is an effective tool.
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    .32 caliber about ready for squirrel season.

    I can’t say enough of how I admire the skill of what you have on display, hats off to you! You have a one of a kind, accurate rifle. I hope to one day have the skill to assemble a one of a kind That fits my needs.
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    .32 caliber about ready for squirrel season.

    What kinda rifle are you shooting?
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    FOR SALE Mortimer combo

    There’s a pattern here, my taste outpaces my budget, this is an awesome rifle. I’ve got to go warm some beans for dinner
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    Lousy shooting!

    The pigeons we eat out here are very good, like dove meat. We wrap a slice of bacon around the breast, a slice of fresh jalapeño and bbq.
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    Load data for 45 cal

    Forgot to mention I’m using fffg, for most 45 shooting. My cva Mountain rifle shoots a little better with ffg. Goex and Schuetzen are the powders I have on hand.
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    Load data for 45 cal

    I like to start at a given weight charge, say 45gr by volume, do 5 shots, put up a new target, increase by 5gr by volume do 5 more shots. I’ll usually go up to 70 gr or so. I measure the groups to see what charge my gun likes, that’s the weight I focus on, try different patch thickness, pre...
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    Day 1 of squirrel season:

    That’s great pistol shooting, what make pistol and caliber?
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    Informal Shooting - Alone or with Friends?

    I like to shoot alone when I’m sighting in or for load development, i dont talk and concentrate well. The remainder I enjoy with my friends or wife and son!
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    Happiness is Three Kiblers in process!

    I want to sign up to be your apprentice!