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    Mold Question

    Which do you think casts the better ball, a Callahan type bag mold or the production molds by Lyman, Lee and others?
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    WANTED 36 caliber Kentucky pistol

    In search of a .36 caliber (rifled) Kentucky style percussion pistol with a 6-10" barrel. PM me with pictures and description of what you have. Willing to go as high as $350 for the right gun.
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    SOLD Forsters Patch Cutter

    Forsters Patch Cutter for Sale: Barely used. Cuts a 1.25" round patch. Just hold down the collar on the patch materia, the press and twist the wooden ball to cut a patch. $40.00 shipped to lower 48. Postal money order preferred payment.
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    WITHDRAWN Ballet or PA conical mold

    Looking to purchase a mold that casts conical bullets like the "Buffalo Ballet" or like the Hornady PA conical in either .50 or .54 caliber. Willing to go as high as $50 plus shipping. If anyone has one that they no longer need, I would be interested. PM me with your response.
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    WITHDRAWN T/C double set triggers.

    T/C double set triggers for Hawken or Renegade. $35.00 Postal Money Order Only. PM me if interested.
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    SOLD L&R RPL Percussion Lock

    L&R, RPL Percussion lock for T/C Hawken or Renegade. $115.00, Postal Money Order Only. PM me if interested
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    CLOSED T/C Renegade .50 caliber Flint barrel

    In search of a .50 caliber right hand flint barrel for a T/C Renegade. Must be in good shape inside and out and at a reasonable price.
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    .22 caliber Percussion Muzzle Loader question

    I recently acquired a .22 caliber percussion muzzle loader. I couldn't resist the novelty of it. What would be the best projectile to shoot from it, a round ball (without patch) or an air rifle pellet? I saw on line some air rifle conical type slugs that weigh 30 grains and appear to have a...
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    CLOSED Traditions .32 Crockett Pistol

    Title says it all. Looking for a Traditions .32 Crockett pistol, New or slightly used, or kit.
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    CLOSED Traditions Crockett .32 caliber BP single shot pistol

    Title says it all. I am in search of a Crockett .32 pistol. Used, new or in kit form. Must be shootable.
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    M&G Lock

    I just recently picked up a lock for a flint lock. It is marked M&G Classic. I had never heard of them before, anyone have any info on them and comments as to their quality? Seems like a good lock, it throws lots of sparks.
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    Southern VT primitive biathlon?

    Does anyone know if the event is going to be held in 2021, and if so when?
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    Beaver loading accessory

    I made this loading block/powder measure & capper for use on trail walks that my club has during the winter months. I thought you might be interested.
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    Rene/Plains rifle?

    Looking thru my available gun parts I found I have a very nice Renegade stock (real nice grain for T/C) and stock hardware. I also have a Renegade .54 flint barrel. The only flint lock I have is a Lyman Great Plains. It looks like it would be a easy fit in the Renegade lock mortise. Has...
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    SOLD .50 T/C Renegade with 30" Round ball Barrel

    Renegade with 30", 1:66" twist round ball barrel with QLA. Hand rubbed oil finished stock. Has a divot in the belly of the stock just behind the trigger guard that has been filled. (see Pic) Gun is in excellent shape both inside and out. $450.00 Plus Shipping. Postal Money Order Only.
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    SOLD Pedersoli .36 Frontier with Flint & Perc. locks

    Pedersoli Frontier .36 caliber with Pedersoli percussion lock and L&R RPL flint lock. 39.5" browned barrel with home made brass peep sight. $600.00 plus actual shipping charges. Postal Money Order Only.
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    SOLD Relisted, .45 Hatfield with flint & Perc locks

    .45 caliber Hatfield for sale with original flint lock and Pedersoli percussion lock. 39.5" barrel with a slow twist round ball barrel of 1:60" Grade P+++ birdseye maple stock. Gun is in very good to excellent condition. Not a safe queen so there are a few handling and safe marks. $900.00...
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    SOLD 45 Hatfield

    .45 Hatfield flint lock for sale. Includes Pedersoli percussion lock & drum. Grade P+++ birdseye maple stock. $900.00 Plus Shipping to your location. Postal Money Order Only.
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    WITHDRAWN Custom Shop .50 T/C Renegade

    .50 Caliber Percussion Fox Ridge Custom Shop Renegade. 30" Round ball barrel 1:66" twist. Davis Deer slayer set triggers. Pedersoli Mid-range Vernier Tang sight and Lyman Globe front sight. Hand rubbed oil finish on stock. This gun is a shooter, I have won several line shoots with it...
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    SOLD 45 Percussion Renegade

    .45 Renegade with Green Mountain 32" 1:66" "Round Ball" barrel. Excellent shape, just a few safe scuffs. Aluminum ram rod. $365.00 + Shipping. Postal Money Orders Only.