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  1. dick rankin

    Help!!! Broke stock.

    Can’t begin to tell you all how much I appreciate your help, suggestions and kind thoughts. I think the bolt through the two pieces would be the strongest. Looks like lots of different ways to skin a cat. However, I took Danny’s advice, used the wood glue and three wood screws up from the bottom...
  2. dick rankin

    Help!!! Broke stock.

    Thank you all for the suggestions. The gun is a caywood so I contacted them. Danny suggested elmers wood glue and a couple screws that will go in under the trigger guard. Then I think I might wrap it with artificial sinew just to help hide the break seams.
  3. dick rankin

    Help!!! Broke stock.

    For any of you gun builders/fixers I need your help. Just dropped my gun, careless I know, and am looking for recommendations to repair a broken stock. I’m thinking epoxy and a couple cutoff short but heavy nails and clamped might work. Nails won’t show as they’ll be under the trigger guard...
  4. dick rankin

    What is your hunting rifle?

    Not season here yet but will be using my .50 Pennsylvania bicentennial rifle I acquired a few years ago. 44” swamped Bob Paris barrel, siler lock. #100 made by Jack Haugh. Shot a few with it so far. Neat piece of history. Kinda heavy at 10 1/2#’s though.
  5. dick rankin

    Does keeping the ball subsonic help with accuracy?

    How do you measure 1/2 grain of powder? Would there be a noticeable difference in accuracy if you shot 42 or 43 grains? Thank you.
  6. dick rankin

    A fun way to help remove leading from a smoothbore barrel

    I'm having a little trouble figuring the leading thing out. Just how do you tell if your barrel is leading up? When does it get excessive, after 10 shots after 2? Seems like there's a lot of concern about shooting shot without a cup or strips causing leading but I seldom see much written...
  7. dick rankin

    Why Do Shotgun Patterns Change?

    As a matter of fact, I have seasoned a few cast iron skillets. Can't see any comparison between them and a gun barrel. The only reason I questioned things is because in your article you say, "those pores in steel are filled with trace elements, so there is no room to allow oils or other...
  8. dick rankin

    Why Do Shotgun Patterns Change?

    Just when I think you've convinced me the modern steel in today's guns won't/can't be seasoned with bore butter because there are no pores in the steel you go and mention again, twice, about filling the pores in the barrel. If these pores will absorb oil why won't they absorb natural lube or...
  9. dick rankin

    I was almost ready to give up on my flinter

    So, with 42" barrels on my guns that'd put my .45 at 77 grains and my .62 at 146 grains? Those sure seem like hot loads for me at least. My best luck comes with max loads of 80 gr in my .62 and 65 in my .45. These are 3F and hunting loads. Best accuracy seems to come with around 40-60 in the...
  10. dick rankin

    Plum Brown ?

    This is the second time in a few weeks I think I've read a reference by you, or someone else, I apologize if I'm confused on who's saying what, to pores in the metal. I also thought I've read in the past that it would be impossible for something like bore butter to season a barrel of a modern...
  11. dick rankin

    Over powder cards

    When you guys are talking about burnt patches are you referring to patches simply burnt or burnt through? Guess I can't see any problems with a burnt patch but am imagining there could be if a patch is being burnt through. My smoothie measures .618. I'm currently using .018 pre wonderlubed...
  12. dick rankin

    Javelina with my Flintlock in Arizona Video

    Absolutely outstanding. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. While you may not be a Cecil B. DeMille in my opinion you did a great job. Lots of ways to improve and hope you don't give up making more because of all the picky remarks. Hope this gets others to video their flintlock hunts...
  13. dick rankin

    .45 powder charge

    Not sure what you "should" shoot but I have three .45's and shoot 35 gr for target and squirrels and 65 for hunting deer. No matter what I do about any load from 30 to 70 grains seem to be equally accurate or at least as accurate as I can shoot them. Have shot lots of deer with 60-65 grains...
  14. dick rankin

    jug choking

    Anybody out there had your gun choked and seen any negative effects on roundball accuracy? Anybody that had their gun jug choked and NOT notice any tightening in the pattern with shot?
  15. dick rankin

    More about flints

    In case I've done something I shouldn't have and to avoid doing it again, what do you mean by "that's a very wide post"? I don't want to take up more space than I should and just am not completely clear on forum do's and dont's. Really appreciate the helpfulness of the forums and certainly...
  16. dick rankin

    More about flints

    Thanks but it took me many many hours AND the help of my son to figure it all out and still not completely sure I know what I did. I am definately technically and 'computerly' challenged. But It does seem to have worked out...for now. Would like to be able to respond to Paul who sent me a...
  17. dick rankin

    More about flints

    Okeydoke, here goes with my first attempt to reply AND send pictures. First of all I'm not even completely sure I have any lock/flint problems. I get good fast ignition nearly every time, I just don't get very long flint life, usually less than 25 shots. If I put the bevel up the flint stays...
  18. dick rankin

    More about flints

    Really appreciate the comments. I'd love to post some pictures but am a bit technologically challenged and don't know how to do this. I do have a digital camera and know how to load pics on my computer just don't know how to attach them here. Will try to figure it out. Thanks again.
  19. dick rankin

    More about flints

    Can a flint be dulled or even 'melted' by being too close to the powder in the pan? I have a L&R small Manton lock and the jaws face directly into the pan which, I assume, is a really good thing. However, when I use a small flint that doesn't quite touch the frizzen at half cock, it nearly...
  20. dick rankin

    Ram Rod Issues

    If I use a range rod with a muzzle protector what difference would it make whether I used a stainless steel rod or a brass rod? And if I just use wood or one of the plastic/synthetic rods without a muzzle protector just what kind of problems can I cause at the muzzle? Can I really wear out the...