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    Curious about copper

    That is a very neat inlay job ! :thumb: :cool:
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    Knuckle buster

    Look for the deerskin driving gloves. Very comfortable.
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    TC Patriot .45 Cal

    Idaholewis, I have two of those rascals in .45 cal. I think they are absolutely great ! I’ve seen and heard about the stocks cracking also. I load mine holding it in my hand. I don’t let the stock come into contact with any hard surface during the loading process. I also don’t over tighten...
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    Knuckle buster

    Would a thin leather shooting glove help ? It would make things tighter for your fingers, but it could provide some cushioning. :dunno:
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    500 Yards, Stock 1:48 Twist TC Renegade .50 Cal

    Idaholewis…. DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF THIS MAN ! At any distance !!! If you can see him, he can see you…. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :cool: Excellent shooting all around !
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    My very own .36 Cal !

    Very sleek, elegant ! :thumb: :cool:
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    Using a Patch Knife.

    I carry a strip of pillow ticking on my bag at times. I cut a square patch from the strip, then lube for loading. I don’t like handling sharp things when handling slick or wet things, it saves my fingers that way. Other times I’ll carry pre-cut square patches in a tobacco tin. Take one...
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    How many ram rods?

    One that comes with each rifle. Work horse rods, only two. :cool:
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    Saw handle flintlock gun

    Very interesting ! :thumb: :cool:
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    2nd Generation Colt Navy

    This whole thing about being Colt, made in the USA or Italy, or used Italian parts, and not being Colt is a bit overblown I think. Take a stroll through your local car dealership. Ford Mustang ? Transmissions made in Germany sometimes. Engines made someplace else. Assembled in Canada...
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    2nd Generation Colt Navy

    If it’s in well cared for shape, start at $275.00. If it comes in it’s original box with the papers, that’s a plus. You can’t shoot the box, but it’s still nice to have. Several months ago, I ‘stole’ two Second Generation Colts, complete with original boxes and paperwork, unfired...
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    Restore finish

    Good idea Necchi, I’ll pass that information on to my nephew. He recently acquired the rifle. It was pristine when he got it. The bleaching job happened after I think his first trip to the range. I don’t know what kind of solution he used, but he had ‘help’ from another black powder...
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    Restore finish

    Thank you both for your replies. My nephew is going to have a project on his hands, or live with the streaks. :cool:
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    Restore finish

    My nephew has an old Hatfield rifle. During the cleaning process, some of the cleaning solution trickled down the sides of the butt stock. It didn’t cause him any concern. The rifle was put away clean. After a few days, he checked the rifle and noticed streaks along the stock where the...
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    Who made the CVA Wells Fargo 1849 ?

    If I remember correctly, those were made by Pieta. As mentioned above, you won’t be able to use the .36 cal barrel and cylinder because the frame does not look like it has the step. That is where the frame would be cut down to allow the .36 cal cylinder to rotate. it almost looks like...
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    Priming (or salt) Horns

    Those are absolutely beautiful ! Do you ever turn any of the horn tips on a small lathe ? And what type of wood you you use for the base plug ? :thumb::thumb::thumb::cool:
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    Newly Completed SMR

    That stock is amazing ! :thumb::thumb::thumb: :cool:
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    First Flintlock....quite an opportunity.

    Looks extremely beautiful ! :thumb::thumb::thumb::cool:
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    Just Jim

    Zonie always had something worthwhile to share. He was a treasure chest of information. He was one of the reasons I’ve stayed here. I would check, and still do, the postings on the Forum largely because of his wisdom and guidance. Rest in Peace Zonie.