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  1. OldMaineWoodsman

    FOR SALE Scrimshawed Priming Horn

    Here is a small scrimshawed priming horn. It is about 30 years old, and has never had powder in it. It has developed a nice cream and butterscotch color. Walnut base and plug. Bordered in vine scrimshaw engraving, and also depicts a Mallard, Canada Goose, Ruffed Grouse, Beaver, and...
  2. OldMaineWoodsman

    SOLD Group of Shooting Accessories

    Here is a grouping of accessories for the beginner or seasoned hunter: One (1) unopened box of .50 caliber T/C Maxi-Hunters, 350 grains, 20 count. .50 caliber bullet/ball loading block. Unopened vintage package of CVA Un-lubed Shooting Patches, 50 count. Nipple Wrench. Vintage T/C...
  3. OldMaineWoodsman

    SOLD .44 caliber Round Balls

    One (1) box of Hornady .44 caliber (.451) Round Balls, 100 count. One (1) box of Speer .44 caliber (.457) Round Balls, 100 count. $30 shipped within the USA, PayPal. Please send me a private message for payment info. Thanks.
  4. OldMaineWoodsman

    SOLD .54 caliber T/C Projectiles

    Two (2) boxes of T/C Maxi-Hunters. One box only has 15 rounds. Other is full. One (1) box of T/C Maxi-Balls. $25 shipped within the USA. PayPal. Please send me a private message with any questions and payment info. Thanks.
  5. OldMaineWoodsman

    SOLD Woolrich Jac-Shirt - Very Nice

    Nice, vintage Woolrich Jac-Shirt in Earth Tone pattern of greens and browns. Men's Large. Button front. Two front button pockets, and two lower slash pockets. All buttons present, no holes, tears, or repairs. One of the nicest I have seen. Great color pattern for the woods. Clean...
  6. OldMaineWoodsman

    SOLD LH Uncle Mike's Holster

    Vintage, LH holster for Ruger Old Army or other 6 1/2 - 7 1/2" Barrel SA Revolver. Camo, Size 9. As new condition. $15 shipped, via PayPal. Please send me a private message with any questions and payment info. Thanks
  7. OldMaineWoodsman

    FOR SALE 100% Wool Hunting Cap

    Blaze Orange for those States that require it during Muzzleloader season. Size XL. New, never worn. Fold down ear flaps. Made in Canada, which is certainly better than China or Pakistan. $35 shipped within the USA. PayPal. Please send me a private message with any questions and...
  8. OldMaineWoodsman

    SOLD Sleeping Indian Wool pants

    Brand new, never worn. Made by Sleeping Indian in the USA. Plenty of pockets. Wool Camo pattern. Size 38 W with a 29" inseam. There is about 1" of material in the hem that can be taken down. This pair is ready to go and you will have them for hunting season instead of waiting months...
  9. OldMaineWoodsman

    FOR SALE Classic Wool Mackinaw Jacket

    This a new, classic wool Mackinaw jacket manufactured by Johnson's Wool of Vermont. It is a size 44. As new with no flaws at all. Fully insulated, detachable hood, button closure. Inside pocket with a total of six (6) front pockets. Cuffed sleeves and a zippered game pouch. Color is...
  10. OldMaineWoodsman

    FOR SALE 1858 Remington (Uberti)

    This is an as new, Remington Model 1858 revolver originally manufactured by Uberti for Taylor's Firearms. It is .44 caliber, and is the Color Cased version. Revolver does not appear to have been fired, and I see no turn ring on the cylinder. Comes with the Taylor's box, instructions, and a...
  11. OldMaineWoodsman

    FOR SALE Boresight Kit

    For those that have an optical sight mounted on their Thompson/Center, CVA, or Italian Hawken type rifles. This is a Bushnell Professional Boresight Kit. As new, complete with instructions. #74333. $85 shipped, via PayPal. Thanks.
  12. OldMaineWoodsman

    SOLD Classic Woolrich Wool Shirt

    As new and super clean. Solid Red. Bright, with no fading. No holes, tears, or repairs, all buttons intact. Men's XL, Made in USA. Getting tough to find in this condition, especially solid red. $85 shipped within the USA, via PayPal. Please message me with any questions and payment...
  13. OldMaineWoodsman

    FOR SALE Hawksley Powder Flask (Original)

    This is an original, marked, Hawksley powder flask. Sporting motif with a hare, fox, and game birds. Adjustable spout. Lanyard rings intact. Minor dings typical of an antique. Approximately 9 inches long. Nice aging. No cracks that I can see. Usable or display, it is very nice...
  14. OldMaineWoodsman

    FOR SALE Confederate Naval Officer Cap (Replica)

    This is a very well made replica Confederate Naval Officer cap. It is a size XL (7.5). As new, never worn. Wool crown, leather bill. Gold braid. Quilted lining with a historic Irish maker's tag. The side buttons and Anchor badge have developed a nice, dull patina, as if you were out...
  15. OldMaineWoodsman

    FOR SALE Remington R-2 Waterfowl Knife

    Used, but as new. Works with both 12 and 20 gauge muzzle loading shotguns that have screw-in chokes. Box, with instructions. Made in USA. These are all the place price wise. This one is $75 shipped. PayPal. Please send me a private message with any questions and PayPal info.
  16. OldMaineWoodsman

    FOR SALE Colt or Remington Holster

    This is a near new, Triple K Slim Jim type holster. I received it with a Remington Model 1858 revolver. Since I am a left-handed gun it won't work for me. I don't think it has ever been used or carried. Walnut Brown color, plain. Should work just fine with a Colt 1851 or 1860/1...
  17. OldMaineWoodsman

    SOLD Manson Wall Thickness Gauge

    This is a new, Manson Wall Thickness Gauge. Complete with instruction sheet. Use to measure the wall thickness of muzzle loading or breech-loading black powder shotguns. $95 shipped within the USA, PayPal. Please send me a message with any questions and payment info. Thanks.
  18. OldMaineWoodsman

    SOLD Stock makers Rasp - Brand New

    This is a Liogier Left-Handed Cabinet or stock maker rasp. Complete with handle. Made in France. Brand new, never been out of the original package. $85 shipped within the USA, PayPal. Please send me a message with any questions and payment info. Thanks.
  19. OldMaineWoodsman

    FOR SALE Engraved Powder Horns by Nathan Swayze

    Complete title is - Engraved Powder Horns of the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War Era by Nathan L. Swayze. First Edition 1978. Long out of print. Lots of images. A tight, clean copy with no missing or torn pages, or writing or underling in the pages. Minor shelf wear to...
  20. OldMaineWoodsman

    SOLD Antique Glasses

    This is a pair of antique glasses. I have no idea of the time frame or era, but they passed muster for my re-enacting time period (Great War) and I'm sure they are suitable for earlier. They have lens in them and I had those done at Lens Crafters so I'm sure you can have some made for you...