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  1. Tallswife

    Jerry Barnhart

    Jerry Barnhart aka Brother Bear of Colorado and New Hampshire passed away last Saturday, July 17th. Raise a glass and smoke a cigar in his honor. He will be greatly missed! Blessed Be!
  2. Tallswife

    FOR SALE Voyageur cap

    This hat is complete hand created. The 100% Merino wool comes from my flock of sheep. Hand processed, 3-ply handspun yarn, and hand knit in the round. This cap fits my husband’s 21” head snugly. He has no fear of it falling off. The heavier weight yarn ensures warmth during the coldest winter...
  3. Tallswife


    Woohoo!! Hubby and I both drew cow/calf elk tags for the Big Horn mountain's. Looking forward to going out in traditional Colonial dress and hunting with my flinter. Fingers crossed!!
  4. Tallswife

    Yellow Flummery

    I tried to make a Yellow Flummery using the recipe in the picture below. Well, it didn’t work. I used a product called liquid isinglass. It appears that the additional additives in this particular product will prevent the flummery from setting. I ended up with flummery soup. Lesson learned!
  5. Tallswife

    FOR SALE Raw wool

    Good day! We will shearing our sheep at the end of April. I will have raw wool skirting's available shortly after that. This will contain hay and other organic bits of stuff. If you are interested in any of this, please let me know so that I dont compost all of it. This is Merino wool. I...
  6. Tallswife

    Experimental Archaeology

    One of the things that I do for demonstrations at events is to show historic spinning and fiber arts. Quite often the conversations with the public turn to clothing. Questions I often get are what was availiable to purchase, how was the clothing constructed, what fabrics were commonly used...
  7. Tallswife


    Started one jar of Slivovitz this weekend. Once I can score another jar, I’ll start a batch in that. 2.5 lb black plums-make 4 slits in each 1.5 C sugar 2 sticks cinnamon 2 2” pieces of lemon peel. Vodka to fill jar Add sugar and some vodka to dissolve. Add plums, cinnamon, and lemon peel...
  8. Tallswife

    SOLD 26' Teepee

    PLEASE NOTE-- CONTACT INFO BELOW--LOCATED IN COLORADO For Sale: Used 26 foot diameter premium quality Tipi. This jumbo tipi was purchased approx 2013 for approx $5,000 from The Colorado Yurt Company. Website: This tipi is 26 foot diameter, best quality fabric...
  9. Tallswife

    Cherry Bounce

    just started my newest batch of Martha Washington’s cherry bounce 2lb cherries, pitted if you want, poked a few times if you don’t 5c sugar 1.75 bourbon of your choice Put the sugar in a gallon glass jar, add some bourbon and stir to start dissolving the sugar. Add poked washed cherries. Pour...
  10. Tallswife

    Heritage Fair (Colorado)

    The Heritage Fair in Ft Lupton Colorado is this Saturday, May 4th, from 9-4. Timeline event, so there is everything from Viking thru WWII. Held at the fort in Ft Lupton, Historic Park Way is the road. $5.00 to park, entry is free, they have food on site. If you can make it, stop in to the...
  11. Tallswife

    Colonial Encampment Oct 5-7th

    Colonial Encampment in Ft Lupton Colorado. Just south of Greeley Colorado. Open to the public on Saturday the 6th. Oct 5-7th Shooting, fire starting, spinning, pot luck dinner, Tavern tent, and other fun things!! Come play with us!!
  12. Tallswife

    Got my tag!!

    Woohoo!! Got drawn for a cow elk tag this year in Colorado!!
  13. Tallswife

    Colonial Play Day

    We are hosting the second annual Colonial Play Day at our house on April 21st from 10am to whenever! Range will be open, pot luck dinner, and good company! If you would like to come, please PM me for my address in Northeast Colorado. Please bring your own chair, eating utensils, pot luck...
  14. Tallswife

    Trapper Days

    Anybody going to Trapper Days in Ft Lupton CO from Sept 7-10th? Hubby and I will be there. They will have me up in the fort spinning again. Trapper Days
  15. Tallswife

    Colorado Colonial Encampment

    Ladies and Gents, only two months until the Colorado Colonial Encampment! October 6-8th in Ft Lupton, Colorado (@Ft Lancaster) Demo's on Fiber prep and spinning, weaving, cider pressing, and skills challenge! Colonial pot luck dinner on Saturday. And don't forget the tavern tent! More info...
  16. Tallswife

    Cherry Bounce

    Just made up two batches of Cherry Bounce from what was claimed to be Martha Washington's recipe. This will be ready in time for our next Colonial Encampment! 3C sugar 1lb tart cherries (I had to use sweet as that's all the grocery store had) 5 1/2C Bourbon, vodka, rye, or brandy Put sugar in...
  17. Tallswife

    D. A. Russell

    Anybody going to D.A. Russell in Cheyenne this weekend? Hubby and I plan to go up for the day and wander around. Not sure which day yet.
  18. Tallswife

    Colorado-Heritage Fair

    May 6th is the Heritage Fair at Fort Lancaster in Ft Lupton. This is a timeline event from Viking thru WWII. It is from 9am thru 4pm. I'll be spinning up in the fort itself. More info at the link! Hope to see you there! Heritage Fair
  19. Tallswife

    Wisconsin find

    How would you like to go fishing and catch this? Fond du Lac resident Ray Groff expected windy conditions and a good bite when he set out on the waters of Lake Winnebago last week. What he did not expect was that he would dig up a piece of American history. “It was around 11 a.m. on Sept. 4 and...
  20. Tallswife

    Frontier Woman

    Changed up and added some "girlie" clothes to the persona. Now you cant tease me about my "half stock" rifle anymore either! LOL!!