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    Afternoon, I live in California, the Gun/pawn shops in my area very seldom have a new or used rifle to handle so I pretty much just look online. I now have 3 ML rifles, An Investarm Bridger Hawken, A CVA mountain rifle and a TC Cherokee all in 45 Cal. I really like the slim light feel of the...
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    Evening, I had today off but it was so Smokey from all the fires around us I didn’t want to shoot. Our AQI was 380, horrible. So i started taking apart my new to me CVA mountain rifle. The finish to the gun was applied with these parts installed. I dont think its a blued finish. The thimbles...
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    New rifle

    Evening, I have been reading about the CVA Mountain Rifle for quite a while and thought it would be a good rifle for me.I wasn’t really looking but ran across this one. Barrel says Made in USA and it is super clean. It’s a 45, my favorite caliber of all guns, including the unmentionables! I got...
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    No more brass

    I bought some brass black and gave it a whirl, I’m not nutty about brass. Although it’s not quite black it does look pretty good in person. I put everything back on the rifle to see if I like it and I do. I’m going to take it all back off and shoot it with a satin clear.
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    1st time with 3f

    Evening, I tried 3f for the first time this afternoon in my rifle. It sounds better, shoots better and seems much cleaner than 2f. I couldn’t be happier with this rifle. I’m having a ball learning this craft.
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    Another Seneca

    Evening, I found another Seneca today. This is the second in 2 months. It’s aesthetically good, no cracks in the stock. There is some rust visible in the bore and also the cap area. It’s very similar to a rifle I passed on 2 months ago. It’s a 45cal, they want $550 for the rifle. Am I being to...
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    New rifle

    Well, my new investarms 45 cal came in the other day, it’s the Bridger Hawken. Today I was able to fire it. This is my first BP rifle, I have an Uberti 1858 pistol that I have been shooting a lot, I wanted the same experience with a rifle. I must say it won’t be the last Muzzleloader rifle! The...
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    New member from northern Ca

    Hi all, I’ve been reading here for the last 8 weeks or so, about the time I bought an Uberti 1858, been having so much fun with it I haven’t used any of my modern stuff since! My Investarms Hawken will be here Monday! Seems like a great group here, look forward to learning more. Sam