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    WANTED Ruger old army

    Stainless steel 5.5” fixed sight Ruger old army
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    CLOSED 36 maxi ball mold

    Lyman or TC
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    CLOSED .350 round ball mold for 36 cal

    need mold for 36 cal round ball .350dia thanks
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    WANTED thompson center hawken or renagade 54 cal or 50 cal roundball barrel 15/16"

    title says it looking for a slow twist 1-66,1-70 15/16" barrel that will drop in my hawken example is GREEN MOUNTAIN 54 cal or 50 cal THANKS
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    CLOSED Blued TC Ramrod thimble

    Want to trade TC RENAGADE,HAWKEN blued thimble with sling stud for TC BRASS thimble NO stud
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    CLOSED 50cal LYMAN plains Bullet mold

    Title says it. Lyman Plains Bullet mold 50 cal 395 grain Thank you
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    WANTED Lyman 57sml peep sight

    Looking for Lyman 57sml tang peep sight for TC HAWKEN and renegade
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    WANTED Lyman .570 rd. Ball Mold

    Title says it all Thanks
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    SOLD Pedersoli shot pouch

    New old stock Pedersoli shot pouch $75 shipped
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    SOLD Confederate 1851Pietta

    Here is a Pietta 1851 Confederate 44 cal percussion pistol $175 shipped to your door where permitted
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    SOLD 1860 army by Pietta

    Up fo sale is a nice Pietta 1860 Army 44 cal percussion pistol. It doesn’t appear to have been fired $250 + shipping to your door where permitted
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    SOLD 12ga. Double Barrel

    Listed for your consideration is a real nice Pedersoli 12ga muzzle loading double barrel shotgun. It has 28” barrels with screw in choke tubes. There are some handling marks on it and a recoil pad has been installed. Comes with 3 chokes imp cyl,modified,and full plus you can use browning...
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    SOLD 10ga percussion double barrel shotgun

    Pedersoli 10ga double barrel percussion shotgun. It has removable choke tubes (comes with 3 tubes xtra full, modified, improved cylinder) original box and all paperwork in excellent condition bores are bright and shiny $925.00+shipping and insurance