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    1859 tower musket?

    For sale locally. Description from ad: 1859 Tower percussion cap musket Octagon barrel and modified stock. Has a crack on the stock. See picture. Has proof marks. Stock was modified for injured soldier. Five vans original ramrod great conversation And display piece. Ever one I see online...
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    Pile of parts

    Coming up for sale soon. Anybody recognize the make of the center gun? Really only want the sights off of it but maybe it will turn into a custom project. Looks like the bottom two have the same locks on them. Can not see them in person till a day before the auction ends. Just trying to do...
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    Black walnuts

    Little off subject. We have 9 black walnut trees in my yard and every year the squirrels get the nuts because I never do anything with them. I have tread your can use them for dye, oil and even baking. Does anybody process the black walnuts or are they more trouble then they are worth?
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    Traditions rifle

    Local store has a traditions deer slayer 24" barrel plastic stock. Are the locks any good on these or are they not worth looking at?
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    Apple pie filling (Zucchini)

    not really camp food but you will fool a lot of people with this recipe. "Chopped zucchini is cooked with lemon juice and spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg." INGREDIENTS: 8 cups peeled, chopped zucchini 2/3 cup lemon juice 1 cup white sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon...
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    Eusebio Arizaga 28ga

    For sale locally. I see some listed on line for $200-300. Have not scene it in person yet. Looks like an old patch on crack in stock. Opinions?
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    SOLD 1841 Wesson 45cal.

    Bought this for my daughter to use in 4H. She has graduated out and it sits in the safe. To light and short for my liking. She shot it pretty accurate (50 yards and 25 yards). Wood chip out of butt area. Paint chipping off of receiver. Tends to foul the tube between the nipple and barrel. Rear...
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    CVA over/under 50cal

    What years did CVA make this gun? One for sale locally. Looks very heavy.
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    Modern flask

    Bought this recently. Do I have to remove the set screws to fill?
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    Did they ever really exist?

    I will post these under pistol because I am not sure where else to put them. For sale locally. Guy wants $1500. The fact the screws for the jaws are real and working makes me wonder. Why?? Ad says they are Sterling silver.
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    That was some nasty lead

    Guy I know in town just ripped out all his cast iron sewer pipe. Of course I volunteered to haul away the pipe for him. Got about 10lbs of lead out of the joints and just spent 2 hours melting it and pouring pucks (muffin tin). Was amazed how much sand and rusty powder was in the pot with the...
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    Casting a bullet mold

    Anybody know how much aluminum will shrink? Try to make my own mold. 3d printed this last night but need to resize it.
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    Cap sizes

    Have a H&A underhammer. Am having a problem keeping the caps on the nipple. Have to squeeze the caps obround to keep them on.
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    Brass mold

    Picked this up lately. Made in Italy. Am thinking the handles would get hot after a couple balls. Maybe I will have to make some wood handles (grandpa would have used corn cobs). Anybody know who made them originally?
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    Fox River Fifty Traditions 32 Cal

    Anybody have one? I know of one that is coming available soon. Not real keen on the plastic stock but that could be changed in the future. Looks like a 24" barrel.
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    Swage bullets

    Have a black powder gun manual from the 60s. They talk about swaging blanks into bullets. Is this still done or is it a thing of the past?
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    Maxi or minie

    Bought a 50 cap lock with a 1:56 twist. Should I stick with Round ball or can I go with a bullet? Is so what loads easier minie or maxi?
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    Anybody recognize these makings?

    36 cal. 38" long barrel. Either LE or IE Barrel has been restocked at some point. No marks on the lock. Small dots running up past the rear sight. Someone in the past drilled and tapped a hole for a screw on sight.
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    Pitted barrel bottom

    Picked up an old .36 rifle a couple weeks ago. Where the wood has touched the barrel on the bottom it is pitted. Took it to an old gunsmith guy I know and he stated as long as I don't get stupid It is very safe to shoot. What can I put on it to keep it from getting worse over time? The gun is...
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    Picked up a 36

    Picked it up today. Only marking I can find on it looks like a 1 & E. Need a real good cleaning and exam job. Guessing trigger guard is homemade. Will include more info if I find any.