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    FOR SALE Antique firearms repair book rare from Dixie gun works

    Hi. I have this book” Antique firearms care repair and restoration “. By Ronald Lister, with the original Dixie gun works receipt from (drum roll) 1970!! Lots of great info on repair, without buying a lot of expensive shop tools. Book is in very good shape. Includes a mystery book that I will...
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    Alpha-gal tick virus

    Hi. Be sure to check for ticks on you and the family. I have the Alpha-gal virus. Not a lot of fun. You basically develop an allergic reaction to mammal meat, and dairy products. Which means you may be RUNNING to the restroom a lot ! I don’t feel too bad, but I miss hamburgers and pork chops...
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    French model 1840-1857 musket hammer wanted

    Hi. Any members out there have a hammer for the french models 1840 - 1857 muskets? Bought a few “Zulu “ shotgun conversions for parts to build a muzzleloading frankengun . I’d consider buying any parts for these guns, barrel bands especially. Thank you.
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    FOR SALE Wool blanket

    Wool blanket made in Holland . Aabe brand. Heavy, but soft. Attached label of a scene of what looks like the last deer camp I went to….$150. Shipping included
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    FOR SALE Books!

    For sale- pepper box firearms. More than you ever wanted to know about these pistols. Gunsmiths manual, reprint of the 1883 original, by Stelle and Harrison. History of Spanish Firearms by James Lavin. And a book about crossbows by Ralph Payne Gallwey. Plenty of ideas to hurt yourself with. $60...
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    Fort Pickens ,Florida

    Fort Pickens, Pensacola Florida.....
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    Albanian pistol test fire

    Shot the Albanian miquelet I made....570 round ball, 38 grains 2f. Had to hold to the extreme right of the target.
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    Gun show prices

    Went to a gun show a ways away from me with a friend. The cheapest cap and ball revolver, a brass frame CVA 36 navy, loose and rattling-$375!! ONE tin of no. 10 caps- $35!! I saw three ruger old army’s- $800, $950,$1000!! Strangely enough, I snagged a unopened tin of rws musket caps for $10 a...
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    Boone home and village, defiance,mo.

    Some pictures..
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    Albanian pistol build

    Here is my progress so far....
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    Radioactive frizzen?

    I was reading in an OLD muzzleloading magazine-buckskin report? Cover was gone- that a radioactive steel was used to sole frizzens . That it sparked excellent, but was a HUGE health hazard. Anyone ever heard of this,or was this an April fools joke?
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    Pine tar or pine pitch?

    Hello. I seem to think I read somewhere (maybe on this forum) that breech plugs were sealed with pine tar or pine pitch. Would this be an option? Thanks
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    SOLD Books

    Time to thin the library! All of these for $50. Except the cat.....
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    Dixie gun works celebrity catalog covers

    Did anyone out there meet any of the celebrities featured on the covers of the Dixie gun works catalogs over the years?
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    FOR SALE Clymer 40 caliber coning reamer

    Clymer 40 caliber funneling reamer, used once years ago. Used to cone out the muzzle to load a patched round ball easier.( but you guys knew that) $ 30 and I’ll ship.
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    My leg vise

    My experimental leg vise. Seems to clamp ok.
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    New member late introduction

    Hi, new member from central Missouri. On this forum a while, just remembered I did not introduce myself. Stumbled upon this excellent forum , and joined. Shot muzzleloaders on and off since the age of 14. Currently trying to salvage a rifle shoppe escopeta kit. Look forward to learning a great...