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  1. longcruise

    Renegade sights?

    I have a problem with the sights on both of my Renegades. The stocks both seem to be designed for scopes, IMO. My permanent fix will be restocking in a Pecatonica blank, but that's a next year proposition. So, my short term solution will be to put taller front and rear sights on. I'll...
  2. longcruise

    FOR SALE 36 caliber bullet boards

    Thirty six caliber bullet boards. These are made of oak. 5 3/4" long, 2 1/2" wide , 1/2" thick. Holds 16 balls . $18 TYD each to any of the 50 states. $28 TYD if you purchase both boards.
  3. longcruise

    Pedesoli Bounty?

    A friend who is not really big on trad ml just asked me my opinion on the Pedersoli Bounty pistol. I have never heard of it and thought I'd check in here for some opinions. I question the HC aspect and claim, but nothing unusual there, eh?
  4. longcruise

    Colorado draw is happening.

    Got cc hit yesterday for a bear tag and today for deer. Come on elk!! :)
  5. longcruise

    FOR SALE 20 45 caliber Maxi Balls

    These weigh 202 grains. They were prelubed but over time the lube hardened so I removed it. They are bare as offered. $9 plus $8.45 flat rate shipping to any US state.
  6. longcruise

    SOLD Double Bag 2

    This is a double bag all hand stitched of veg tan leather with pure linen thread, It measures 7" across and 8 1/2" long. There is one small pocket on the back side for .......... flint? Or whatever suits you. $50 plus $9.00 shipping to any of the 50 states.
  7. longcruise

    TC Scout rifle

    Can anyone tell me what was the twist rate on these rifles in 50 cal. Were they all the same or....?
  8. longcruise

    SOLD Double Bag 1

    Here is a double bag made of Veg tan leather and hand stitched with pure linen thread. Size is as indicated in the photos. Easily holds all your shooting needs for a day of hunting or woods walking. $49.00 plus $8.50 shipping to any of the 50 states.
  9. longcruise

    FOR SALE Shooting Bag Fleur de lis theme

    Just finished this one. Actually will be getting another Treatment of oil before shipping. Veg tanned leather. Hand sewn with linen thread. Two inner pockets. 8 1/2" tall 7 3/4" wide. Fitted with Conway buckle. $52.00 plus $9.00 shipping to any of the 50 states.
  10. longcruise

    WANTED TC Hawken 45 barrel bad bore ok

    I'm looking for this barrel to have it bored to a 50. I don't want to purchase a tc 50 barrel.
  11. longcruise

    SOLD TC 1" barrel Hawken or Renegade

    This barrel is originally a 54 TC Hawken barrel and has been re bored to 58 caliber round ball twist by Robert Hoyt . It is 1" across the flats, 28" long and includes the under rib and the brass thimbles. No sights. This barrel is pretty much in the white after I have cleaned it up. It fits...
  12. longcruise

    SOLD Fiber Optic sights

    This is a complete set of fiber optic sights front and rear including all mounting screws. These fit a TC Hawken 1" barrel and a TC Renegade 1" barrel. These will not fit a 15/16" barrel! I don't know what other barrels these may fit but are a perfect fit for the existing tapped mount holes...
  13. longcruise

    A lesson learned today!

    I went to my bench a few minutes ago looking for a pencil. The bench is a huge mess from having done many little projects over the past few weeks. I picked up the pencil you can see in the second picture and started to pull it out from underneath the accumulated mess. Immediately my eye...
  14. longcruise

    WANTED Left hand 50 percussion

    It needs to be on the lighter side for a young shooter starting out.
  15. longcruise

    What's With Ebony.......

    Ramrods that is. Are there special qualities that make it a particularly good choice for a rod? They seem to have been popular on some British guns. Were they just "show" or did they "go" too?
  16. longcruise

    TC Barrel mark

    I'm in the process of cleaning up a TC barrel from a TC Hawken. It has all the usual TC markings, but on the underside just behind the lug there is this mark as in the photo. It's an M. I've never 3 this type of stamp before and I wonder if anyone has An Idea what it might be for.
  17. longcruise

    WANTED GPR Nose Cap

    If you have a GPR nose cap that you would part with, let me know and we can work something out.
  18. longcruise

    Hopkins & Allen question

    I've never had an opportunity to examine one of these and looking at photos doesn't clearly show if there is a "safety" position on it. Is there a hammer position that is considered as such? I realize this question brings up the overall question of the safety of carrying any ML at half cock or...
  19. longcruise

    Belt Bags?

    Do you use a belt bag? Let's see some pictures and tell us why you like them.
  20. longcruise

    That funny forearm thingy?

    I'm going to do a cva Kentucky rifle kit this winter. It's the same as the Traditions Kentucky rifle. This is the one that has the brass divider in the forearm where two pieces of the stock are joined. What are the thoughts on how to join the two pieces? There are two steel pins that pass...