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  1. Cattywompuss

    "Stower's Thumper"

    Anyone recognize a Pennsylvania style poor boy .40 with a red maple stock, and a crude carving "Stower's Thumper" on the underside of the buttstock? Has what I thought was a sloppy single trigger, but what I have deluded myself to believe is a two stage trigger meant to surprise ye every time...
  2. Cattywompuss

    NMLRA, the Honorable Horners, and Others are Saving Dixon's Fair!

    Lot of yall may already know but I just found out in the latest copy of Muzzle Blasts
  3. Cattywompuss

    Well Bugger Me...

    Hi all! Fine Monday to you. About a week ago I decided to hit the old Buy Now on a flat horn on eBay. It was titled "Pirate Horn" but I reckoned it was worth a shot. Having never owned a flat horn, I reckoned that it was 30 dollars well wasted if it was trash, and well worth it if it wasn't...
  4. Cattywompuss

    American Rifle by Alexander Rose

    I got this book when first published, and have read it about a dozen times. I love Rose's storytelling, but his stats are what really blow me away. Regarding rifle during the revolution, he sites figures that imply that despite the small production numbers we commonly associate with the...
  5. Cattywompuss

    Swamped/Tapered and Flared

    Anyone know a history of when barrels began to be swamped? I've not seen anything about the history of it. I know the reasons they would have been devised, but not the when or who. I love a swamped barrel. Straights are fine but man, I love the dandy pointing quality of that swamp thang!
  6. Cattywompuss

    Argument Time

    Who here always taps their prime charge out to the outer edge of the pan after closing the frizzen? I generally do, based purely on advice and it always seems to answer quickly.
  7. Cattywompuss

    Jager and Yaw-ger

    So I have a pretty decent audio book that I would recommend: Gun Smoke and Saddle Leather. Funny thing in it though is that several primary source quotes from the first half of the 19th Century differentiate muskets and other muzzleloaders from "Yawgers". The way I know it is actually written...
  8. Cattywompuss

    Where's Bob?

    Anybody heard from Bob Mcbride? Blackpowder TV seems to have gone dark. It's planting season, so he may just be out in the fields, but a lack of new posts from him has me worried. Sent him an email two months ago, no reply. Where's Bob?
  9. Cattywompuss

    Call me crazy but...

    I'm going hunting tomorrow morning. I haven't been in the woods since November. There is less than a week left in the Alabama turkey season and I have a gun I haven't even shot yet. It's what others here have affirmed to be a Narragansett Arms smoothbore of .60 caliber. Well, I ent shot it...
  10. Cattywompuss

    .40 Cal

    So, I'm totally new to .40. Noticed the common ball size for the caliber is .395. I'm sure some folks have to go a little smaller, but while I wait on my LRB order to arrive from Grafs, I was wondering why .395 instead of .390. Being brand new to such a "small" bore, isn't the increased...
  11. Cattywompuss


    Right, so if you load a smoothie with larger shot, like 00 and bigger, do you or should you fill the gaps with any sort of media to create a tighter or better packed load? I'm brand new to a smoothbore, but am trying to get ideas for fall turkey season regarding shot bigger than small bird...
  12. Cattywompuss

    Ludicrous, Probably Dumb Question

    Right, so I grew up shooting BP revolvers and we always shot round ball. Most know that for round balls in revolvers your ball is oversized. When you load you get a little ring of lead sheared off by the chamber lip on the cylinder. This method of loading creates a tight fit without a patch...
  13. Cattywompuss

    East Alabama Shooters

    Anyone here from East Alabama? This part of the state is sparsely populated everywhere in the Auburn-Oxford-Montgomery triangle. Not sure about a full on club, but it would be fun to have a shoot in this area of the state. The local gun store is small, and attached to a tractor repair shop...
  14. Cattywompuss

    Lancaster, Lehigh, "Ludowici?"

    Evening all, Decided to post some pics of a couple of my rifles and reap some opinions. Now, I'm Bulldog born, and Bulldog bred, and when I die I'll be? Bulldog dead, that's right. Son of His Majesty's former 13th Colony in America, Georgia. Born in Savannah, I followed my grandaddy's...
  15. Cattywompuss

    Rust Removal

    Call me a dummy or a goody two shoes, but I've never needed a serious rust remover. I never let it get that far. But when I recently purchased three estate guns I found that my newly obtained .40 squirrel gun was not cleaned by the owner prior to his passing. Can't blame him. Gent might have...
  16. Cattywompuss

    Mystery Gun

    Howdy all, Need some help from thems what know. I bought several flint guns from a massive estate of muzzleloaders the other day, and one I bought because I need a turkey gun and it fit the bill. But that is the only bill it fit because of the mix and match nature of it. I will post pics...
  17. Cattywompuss

    Howdy All!

    Thanks to Bob over at Blackpowder TV I am finally coming around to joining another gun organization(NMLRA). I have been shooting blackpowder for about 30 years since I was six. However it was only last year that I got my first flinter and now I have 5. I've been told by folks who know that...