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    Lyman GPR peep

    Midway has them in stock if anyone needs one.
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    Alcohol source

    What does everyone use for alcohol? I see lots of posts suggesting to use alcohol for cleaning. I do not use much of it but a year ago I needed some ISO alcohol for mixing with lanolin for reloading case lube and I had a hard time finding it and it was expensive. Granted this was when everyone...
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    Rain and humidity

    I have been shooting BP muzzleloaders for less than a year so I do not have a lot of hands on experience with them. I went shooting today for the first time on a warm very humid rainy day. I put about 25-30 rounds through my renegade. I did not wipe the bore the whole time. I used prelubed...
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    Cabelas Hawken style rifles

    I picked up a Cabelas haken style rifle that was made by investarms for what I feel was a very good price that I could not pass up. It is a 54 with a very nice walnut stock in a modern pattern with a recoil pad on it. Really comfortable to shoulder albeit at the cost of not having historical...
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    barrel storage

    Does anyone know if anyone makes a case for extra barrels? Say an extra TC hawken renegade barrel. You would think there would be a market for a soft case or saddle blanket type case to put barrels in. Probably would not be too hard to make but I have no skills like that.
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    Kentucky pistols

    Are the Pedersoli pistols a good choice? I see they come in 45, 50 and 54. Are all of these the same size other that the bore or are the smaller calibers svelte? I have been thinking about picking up my first flintlock. I planned on a rifle but would one of these pistols be fun and fairly...
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    Front sight installation

    I bought a Lyman peep sight set from a forum member a few months ago. I am just now getting around to installing it. The rear sight went on easy, I tapped the factory front and rear sights out easily. When I went to install the front sight it slid in a little too easy. Granted this is a used...
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    Cleaning new guns

    What do y'all use for degreasing and cleaning a new gun. I know that the Italian producers use a fairly sticky preservative in the bores. Is dishwasher soap and water good to go or do y'all use something else?
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    Loading cylinders using a press

    I am sure this has been discussed before but the search did not yield what I was looking for. How many folks load their cylinders using a press with the cylinder removed from the revolver? I would think this would work well for Remingtons but do some folks do this for Colts too? Removing the...
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    High round count range sessions

    Today I shot a high round count range session with my TC today. At least it is what I consider a high round count session. I realize that some folks might not think so. In the past I would always just shoot 15-25 rounds. Today I shot 75-85 shots. I wiped the bore with ballistol and water about...
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    Dowel for a loading rod.

    Is there any issue with using a wooden dowel to load a 10 gauge shotgun barrel? Pushing wads down. I bought a 3/4" oak dowel that has little to no runout. I got lucky as the bin at Lowes was full of ones that had a lot of runout but I got lucky with one of them. I would think with the large...