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  1. excess650

    Mike Brooks Type G on the blog.

    Likewise, Google Chrome indicatethe site is unsecure
  2. excess650

    A Progress Report

    It looks like you're doing quite well.
  3. excess650

    Starting out casting balls and bullets

    To make casting your own worthwhile, you need an inexpensive source for lead. I started out casting with a white gas stove and cast iron pot, but I much prefer the 20# electric furnaces, but always cast with a ladle. I've owned bottom pour furnaces, and plugged a 10# Lee and 20# Lyman to...
  4. excess650

    If FedEx stops delivering Black Powder…

    After seeing this thread yesterday, I looked at Back Creek Gun Shop's website. I saw that they shipped via UPS, and emailed to see if anything has changed. Negative, they ship via UPS.
  5. excess650

    Woodcraft Vise

    I ordered mine online, on sale, from Woodcraft. I like it!
  6. excess650

    Newly discovered Early Flintlock Rifle?

    I saw the rifle in person in the spring of 2020 and my immediate reaction was a re-stock. The dealer was pushing "Moravian", and likewise, Morphy's suggesting a Moravian or Beck, or....all a wildassed guess. IMO, too much $$ for something that doesn't even have an attribution, let alone...
  7. excess650

    If FedEx stops delivering Black Powder…

    Back Creek Gunshop, just north of Winchester, Va adjacent to the NSSA grounds. Go there and pick it up or have it shipped. Pickup regulations are 2 cases per customer, and 4 case limit per vehicle.
  8. excess650

    If FedEx stops delivering Black Powder…

    It has been quite a while since I had cases of BP delivered, but it was always UPS back then. I ordered by phone, and let the vendor deal with shipping.
  9. excess650

    Newly discovered Early Flintlock Rifle?

    In the spring of '20 that rifle was on the table of one of Morphy's employees at a show (for sale).
  10. excess650

    Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle, 40 Caliber Cherry

    NaOH (lye) reacts with the tannic acid (in the wood) to change the color of the wood, so maybe a simple rinse is adequate. I've done a little experimenting with lye on cherry and liked the results if I left it on at least an hour, but possibly redder than you might like.
  11. excess650

    Kowa scope a-peel.........

    The previous generation Kowas with metal bodies didn't suffer from what you're describing. Their glass is excellent, but I'm not a fan of the plastic/polycarbonate/composite whatever their new bodies are made from. The 25x LER and 27x LER eye pieces were outstanding for anyone who wore glasses.
  12. excess650

    The first poor boys

    Rich, Does that "gun" have a rear sight? Carving around the entry pipe? 'Parts gun" seems an apt description, iron rammer and all, and with nicely executed tang carving at that!
  13. excess650

    Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle, 40 Caliber Cherry

    I think the color of that cherry looks great. Did you neutralize the wood after treating with lye?
  14. excess650

    The first poor boys

    That "Adam Angstadt" appears to be a re-stock of an old barrel. Note that it was pictured as percussion, and then converted back to flint. The single lock bolt indicates that it was built in the percussion period, and Adam died in 1812, PRIOR TO PERCUSSION. Besides that, the signature seems to...
  15. excess650

    SPG bullet lube ?

    SPG melts if you just give it a hard look, so I wouldn't recommend that anyone spend their $$ on an overpriced, inferior product. Make your own lube with beeswax as a base. Various oils and lanolin (or not) can be added to yield a better lube. Pan lubing with heat or via lubrisizer with...
  16. excess650

    Chance to buy some rifles need opinions

    I see the Uberti name on the bottom of the barrel on that Colt Walker repro. I see a Rem 1858 repro of some brand, and guessing a CVA percussion pistol of some variety. There shouldn't be a problem in finding a home for that Zoave.
  17. excess650

    She ain't pretty but

    What you've done is what was done when flintlocks many times were converted to percussion. The breech was cut and barrel moved back in the stock necessitating the relocation of the pins. They did this with percussion guns as well when the cap fragments severely eroded the rear of the barrel.
  18. excess650

    Did they all have patchboxes?

    Fowlers were made without patchboxes, cheek pieces, and far less carving than rifles, so were less expensive. "Rifle" inferred trigger guard grip standing off the wrist, patchbox, cheekpiece, and rear sight. Rifling was optional. "Plain Lancaster" rifles still existing may not have carving...
  19. excess650

    Alpha-gal tick virus

    Lemon eucalyptus oil on the skin keeps the chiggers and ticks at bay and no harm to humans other than it can be a little HOT on certain, sensitive spots. I had developed some allergies to certain foods, and the Dr immediately said "alpha-gal", but I had never had a tick imbedded. Too, he was...
  20. excess650


    the smell of Ballistol and BP kills 🤢