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    WANTED Need Capote

    Looking for a new fairly inexpensive Capote. Who sells them please
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    Dumb luck (i will never admit that) err... Great skill :P

    Went to visit my son in OKC to visit his range and do a little shooting. He shoots unmentionables and is very good out to 700 yards. I took my .62 smooth bore to shoot some clays and a few round balls. We sat down at a bench for the 200 yard gong using one of his custom unmentionables...
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    Rifle shoppe

    Paid a visit to the Rifle Shoppe yesterday. What wonderful people. I think I would pay them to let me work there. No doubt about it!
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    Using Rem Power pistons

    Should I cut the bottom cushion off the piston and use a 1/2 inch cusion lubed or just use the power piston as is with a hard card, 1/8 lubed wad and power piston?
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    Comments on TVM Fowler?

    Looking for a new .62 fowler. Anyone have any experiance with TVM's built fowler?
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    Good boys.

    Big guy and his dog. Looks like a percussion double. Need to see a lot more of this going on!
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    Skychief load

    25 of 25 clays today. Birds powdered when hit. Much better than non skychief load. 20ga fowler, 68 grs 2F, 72gr volume equivalent #6 shot.
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    SOLD Anyone want this.

    Appears to be from a Traditions Penn rifle. In good shape and seems to work well. Got it free so its free. PM me a shipping address. Hate to see it just sitting.
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    A fine walk in the woods

    with my .62 smoothbore flinter. First pic is obvious. Got 6 total. Second pic is the 2nd largest Cherry Bark Oak in the United States as confirmed USFS. Third is a typical oak on my farm. The flinter can be used for judging the size. My woods is one of the very very few virgin timber in...
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    Gibbs .451 shooters

    Can the lock be tuned to lighten the trigger pull. Mine shoots excellent, but the trigger pull is crazy heavy. Its a Pedersoli.
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    Just back from the Taxidermist

    posted in wrong forum. think is should be here. .50 Hawken 32 yards .490 PRB
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    How much fun is this!!

    Went to the range to shoot my Penn rifle and 62 smoothbore. One gentleman was fascinated and we spent a couple of hours discussing muzzleloaders. (he is an AR unmentionalbe shooter) Never could get him to shoot it. Guess he was a little afraid. Asked if he could video me and of course I...
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    Set trigger Gurus, need some help

    Traditions Penn rifle, 50 Cal. When you set the rear trigger then pull the main trigger sometimes it will fire as a set trigger should. Other times it will release the set and not fire till you continue to pull the front trigger after the set has released. Pulled the lock off and looking...
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    Flints for Penn rifle

    Anyone have a source for flints for Traditions Penn rifle. The ones I keep getting say the will fit but all are much too thick to fit even with no leather on them. Thanks. p.s. someplace that actually has them as there seems a shortage of English flint
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    Worked up a new load for my 50 flinter

    After studying the forums and some post about how to work up a accurate load, went to the range today. The first group is with what has been my "standard load" for my 50 Penn rifle. I thought it was good. The second is after messing with the powder charge decreasing the charge a small amount...
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    62 Smooth bore by WKD

    Purchased this from Kevin (WKD). Test fired today with PRB and pillow ticking with powder card between ball and charge. 30 yard groups 1.7 inches. Will be doing a shot test with #6 shot tomorrow. Gun is well made, finished and feels real nice to the hand.
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    SOLD 62 Smooth bore

    Gun arrived today from Kevin (WKD). Packaged better than you can imagine. Opened up, assembled the smoothbore and it is better than I imagined. Thanks Kevin. A wonderful fowling 20ga for my spring Turkey and fall dove/quail
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    Which powder?

    50 Cal Perdesoli "Hawken" style FFFG or FFG or can both be used (not mixed together) Kind of new at this. Last time I messed with caplocks was 35 years ago Thanks oops edit. Been shooting FFFG. Loading 85 grains with .490 PRB with pillow ticking. Rifle groups about 2 inches at 50 yds...