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    The Curse Of The Sprue

    Zeke Baker fixed the sprue problem with his improved ball mould, featured in his book, E Baker Remarks on Rifle Guns. In a wild moment of impetuosity I bought a copy. I love that history connection you get from old stuff :ghostly:
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    English Blunderbuss

    Looks good to me. In the UK that piece would fetch around £2000. All the makers tended to make the same flintlock blunderbuss, so either there was a pattern book or they bought in a kit of parts. The spring bayonet and the sliding safety were probably optional extras.
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    Guns of Tipu Sultan.

    But can I resist a musketoon with a 46" steel barrel? I shall wait and watch the price, see if it starts to come down. It has been on his books for some time and I have not bought a blunderbuss this year, (if I have, do not remind me).
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    Help on building a wall gun

    There's a link to that movie at the bottom of my posts :thumb:
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    Guns of Tipu Sultan.

    There is one for sale claiming to be from his hoard. I am tempted :doh: **TIPU SULTAN COLLECTION CONNECTIONS**MASSIVE, Late 1700’s English Enfield Tower A* Bore Musketoon With Blunderbuss Type Cannon Barrel Captured By The Sultan’s Army For Use In War Against The British East India Company...
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    Help on building a wall gun

    I have a 6 bore c1790 but I am getting too old to lift it so there it sits in the corner :dunno:
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    Your help please identifying a blunderbuss?

    I'd have bought it from those pics and I collect blunderbusses. I was starting to get worried because I got duped on a repro Baker bayonet and a Westley Richards goose gun with a phony lock. Good to know I still have an eye for a 'bus, probably 🙄
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    Help with Bulnderbuss ID and RUST!

    I think they are safe enough. I survived clay shooting with this 200+ year old brass 'bus and what is more, I broke a left right high crosser (as I never tire of telling people) :)
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    Punt Gun

    Compare wall piece to goose gun. Same 6 bore, the goose is about 6" shorter in the barrel and horrible to shoot :confused:
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    Storage unit find, 1812 with lion. Soviet?

    You don't think it looks a bit icky as a stamp rather than an engraving?
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    1667 Flintlock?

    I was reading Howard Blackmores wonderful book when I saw this relic for sale and was immediately reminded of the Early Brown Besses in his Plate 11. I was young and foolish in those days so I bought the durned thing. It probably is c1720, shame it about the front end and the missing barrel o_O...
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    Loyalist Arms Baker Rifle

    Baker's original rifling should come with a warning sticker on the box... :)
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    Any info on this blunderbuss?

    You have to try harder and get a better picture of the name on that lock plate
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    Cannon Safety Procedures FAILURE Pt. II

    I have done my best to remove myself from the gene pool, I like a good loud bang and I will shoot anything. I have held 1640's iron against my face and pulled the trigger, I have lit a 200 year old cannon with a blow torch. Perhaps the secret of my survival is that all my nitro is in cartridge...
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    Spring clamp

    I shall probably use it once or twice a year, my life expectancy is 86, so that is about $2.50 per clamped spring :D
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    Spring clamp

    I am relieved because you didn't say they are ten bucks from DGW ;)
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    Spring clamp

    I saw this on that auction site and had to have it. Works like a charm and is marked O :)
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    Unidentified pistol

    They look so plastic from behind but gorgeous from the front. Most odd :rolleyes:
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    Is excess powder really blown out?

    Nearly there, it moves 0.2" while the ball moves up the barrel then stops moving some time later when it hits me. The part I found most interesting was that it moves 0.2" regardless how fast the ball goes.
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    Is excess powder really blown out?

    The achemist Newton tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. My Baker rifle weighs 7 lbs and fires a 20 gauge ball. I multiply 7 by 20 and find the gun weighs 140 times the weight of the ball. Weighing balls by gauge makes this so easy. The ball travels 28" and exits at...