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    SOLD Yazel Pistols for Sale

    I hope this add is considered one sale due to selling the pair of pistols. I can list separately if needed but would still want to sell as a set. I am currently selling a pair of Yazel pistols. One flintlock and one percussion which is great for aggregate target shooting. If interested in...
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    Permission Update

    I was trying to post a gun on the Firearms for Sale Forum but it says I do not have enough posts. I understand that rule but was wondering if it did not take into consideration my recent posts under my old email address of [email protected]?? I can certainly try to get caught up with my...
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    New Email Address

    Good Morning, I have changed my email address and need to do so to stay engaged in the Muzzleloading Forum. I can see how to change the password but do not see how to change my new address. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob M.