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    Small Elk Bag

    Looks great, nice job! I'd leave it as it is.
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    SOLD 36 caliber TC Seneca for sale

    Is it still for sale?
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    When I returned from Europe in the early '90s I purchased a T/C Renegade kit and built it. Being a young guy in my early 20's and left handed, I didn't have a lot of money but had learned from others that Thompson Center was a great, dependable rifle and was available in a Southpaw...
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    .54 Colonial in Cherry off the bench

    Beautiful work, nicely done!
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    Gentleman's Bag

    Terrific work! Thanks for sharing
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    First traditional harvest

    A nice buck, no matter what wording is used to describe the accomplishment. I enjoy seeing pictures and hearing the descriptions of a successful hunt, so please keep posting. Sure glad we didn't start talking about the difference between 'soda', 'pop' and 'Coke', that could have got crazy!:doh:
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    First traditional harvest

    Nice buck, well done.
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    Cleaning up cast tomahawk head?

    Looks like it turned out very nice, great job!
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    Congrats! Look forward to seeing pictures of the hunt.
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    Your favorite “eating” game, and how you prepare it

    Elk steak seasoned with Spicy Montreal Seasoning cooked over a wood fire
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    Finished Appalachian Rifle

    She's a beauty! Nice job
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    Another Newbie from Pacific Northwest

    Welcome from Northeastern Washington
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    A new Powder Horn

    Nice work!
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    First time out with .32 caliber.

    She's a beaut!
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    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    I bought and built the same kit in 1991. Have hunted with it ever since. It has put many deer and several elk in the freezer (and a half dozen grouse in the fry pan)
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    What was your first Muzzleloader?

    My first was a CVA Kentucky Rifle that my uncle built. That was 1983 and I was in 8th grade. That got me hooked on black powder. The next was a Ruger Old Army in 1987.
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    Hello from NW South Dakota.

    Welcome. I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB in the late 80's. Don't know if it's still around but west of Rapid City was a little muzzleloader shop called Old Ephrams.
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    Preparation H

    Thank you all, definitely needed a chuckle. Please keep your senses of humor, it helps us all!