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    Farewell to O'Doul

    The 10th Kansas, close friends and family said farewell to an old friend and a well versed historian of Indian Territory (Oklahoma) history. Whit Edwards better known as Thomas O'Doul who also had a (living history) traveling den of iniquity of gambling, liquid spirits, and vertical refreshment...
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    150th Gettysburg

    Well the registration window will be open till mid Feb. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends I've not seen in a couple years. I think the ranks will be thin after this as a lot of folks will be hanging up or selling their gear. I plan to keep going until I cant.
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    Shiloh new visitors center film

    I finally got my copy of the new visitors center film that was released this past April for the 150th of the Battle of Shiloh titles "Shiloh Fiery Trial" Its been done well. A couple of us from the 35th Indiana went down to help in the filming. We can be seen as part of Buell's forces and at the...
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    Lincoln Days Lebanon, IN

    Sept 29-30 will be Lincoln Days in Lebanon, IN. There will be Union and Confederate camps, living history, drills, a small skermish,civilian camps Mr Lincoln who will be visiting (And did stop here and Zionsville) with folks while on his way to Washington City. Yers truly will be ta butcherin...
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    Shiloh film

    Well there is going to be a new film done for the visitors center at Shiloh. There is a registration form that has to be sent in as soon as I can find it AGAIN I'll post it the dates for the filming is 23-25 March 2011. The Johnnies are NOT to be wearing union trousers. They are wanting folks...
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    Irishman in the infantry

    Greetings to all. Please allow me to produce my letter of introduction. I am George Fenn currently a private with Co. A 35th Indiana /Fighting 1st Irish Volunteer Infantry. I am a 51 year old veteran. I got me start in Dublin depending on who of me kin yea talk to wether it was late winter 1811...
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    Greetings from Indiana

    Greeting to all. My name is George and I am new to this site and look forward to meeting others that have the same intrests. I've been shooting traditional fire arms sence late 1985. I've built a few from kits and did some revamping of a couple of others. I also am continualy working on...