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    18 elk went by my house today. one huge bull with them and one young bull. headed south into the sand hills. it was exciting to see. now and then we get some exciting things go by my house. wolves a couple of years ago and mountain lions are always leaving scat in our yard. im waiting for that...
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    my side lock percussion moutain man rifle like paper patched bullets.

    its a custom i built my self, brass tacks and all. 36 inch barrel 50 cal 1/28 twist, yes a 1/28 twist. just swagged and paper wrapped around 450 grain 70 ea. bullets for it to day. i use about 60 grains of powder and a wad between powder and pp bullet. will shoot about the same as a 50/70 rifle...
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    lyman 50 cal great plains hunter.

    gave one to my son years ago. he never shot it so got it back, brand new. i put a very nice high end peep on the barrel i got years ago from track of the wolf. i then also put a lyman peep on the tang. double peep. makes for a very clear picture. i put a thompson renagade hammer on it for easier...
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    paper patched bullets for fast twist muzzleloader barrels.

    i have two percussion side lock 50 cal rifles that have fast twist barrels. one is a 1/28 and the other is a 1/32 twist. the 1/32 is a lymn hawken type. it is new and i built it from a kit. a very very nice gun. the other is a custom i built my self that is also very nice. well im back from...
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    anybody know about this rifle?

    about 15 years ago a friend at work gave me his dads percussion 45 cal side lock to clean up and put a new nipple on. it was a cabellas thompson hawken look a like. the first thing i noticed was it has 12, yes 12 lands and grooves. no more than 3 to 4 thousands deep on the grooves. i even think...
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    the way i load and shoot my .32 traditions rifle

    i hope i dont bring down the house and create a bad post when i post about how i load and shoot my .32 cal round ball traditions. its different but works very well. 2 winters ago i built a traditions kit .32 rifle and it turned out very nice. i shoot a lot of hand gun and even load the 45 long...
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    vent hole size.

    2 winters ago i was asked to build a flint lock for a customer in texas. i did. im close to the fur trader museum out side of chadron ne. it was fall and the museum was still open when i started the build. what size vent hole should i use? when i went to the museum to look at the hundreds of...