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  1. nightwolf1974

    What would you choose?

    Here's the scenario..... You are living in the either the Mountains or The Deep woods... You can have only 1 BP handgun, and only 1 BP long gun....that you currently own! You have plenty of powder, percussion caps or flints, projectiles, and wads/patches. Let's hear your choices.. Me: My...
  2. nightwolf1974

    Brass Tacks

    Looking to do a project in the Winter, by taking a Kentucky Rifle Repro or a Musket Repro and decorating it with brass a Native American weapon. My questions are....... Is there a better quality of brass tacks to use? And what is the best length to use on the stock and forend?
  3. nightwolf1974

    Big Cannons!

  4. nightwolf1974

    Favorite Hunting and NON-Hunting caliber?

    What is your favorite Muzzleloading caliber for hunting? Also, what is your favorite non-hunting (just overall shooting) muzzleloading caliber? For me, my favorite hunting caliber is .54cal. With a wide selection of projectiles (new & old style) you can really lay a smackdown on your intended...
  5. nightwolf1974

    Confederate Guerrilla (US CIVIL WAR ALT. REALITY)

    My name in Devon Potter.... I was born in New England, and moved to Georgia prior to The War after marrying the daughter of a well to do Plantation owner. My wife and I lived on her family's estate until The War broke out. We managed to stay neutral until Northern sympathizers raided the...
  6. nightwolf1974

    The Highwayman

    My name is Karl Mueller....... In an alternate reality it's 1808. Napoleon has conquered all of Europe and Russia, England stands alone. After my home in Munich was burned and my wife and children were killed by the French artillery, I left the destroyed Prussian Army to fight and harass the...
  7. nightwolf1974

    CLOSED T/C RENEGADE Forend Escutchoen x2 with screws

    Looking for a pair of T/C RENEGADE Forend Escutchoens with screws. Seller must accept USPMO as payment.
  8. nightwolf1974

    Are you kidding me? >>A Rant<<

    Called up my local gunshop today to inquire about essentials for July 4th, (1F powder and cannon fuse) and asked if they had any C&B revolvers (as I always do). The guy told me he a Pietta "BUFFALO BILL COMMENERATIVE 1858 REMINGTON" for $995.00!! I jokingly asked if that included RBs, powder...
  9. nightwolf1974

    CLOSED T/C Greyhawk

    Looking for a T/C Greyhawk in .50 or's going to be a birthday present. Seller must accept USPMO as payment, as I don't do PayPal or other online payments. Please reply with pics and price via PM. Thanks
  10. nightwolf1974

    19th Century EDC Scenario

    Ok, let's pretend that you live in the U.S. in 1863. You aren't a solider, and unmentionable technology does not exist. You live in an area where you can freely carry a revolver on your person. Cost is no problem, neither is ease or difficulty of obtaining your choice... What is your main carry...
  11. nightwolf1974

    Pietta Starr Revolver?

    Wasn't Pietta supposed to release (or already did) their 1858 Starr revolvers? I so wanna get a pair of single action Starrs. Pietta shows it as "COMING SOON" on their website.
  12. nightwolf1974

    .54 cal 1805 Harper's Ferry pistol question.....

    Ok, I'm thinking of getting a Pedersoli 1805 Harper's Ferry smooth bore pistol in .54 cal..... I've read what DGW recommends is a .520" RB w/ .010" patch, but the advertised bore diameter is .540", and according to the YouTube channel I NEVER MET A GUN I DIDN'T LIKE, you can't use .530RBs. So...
  13. nightwolf1974

    18" Walker!

    Saw a custom Walker video yesterday. The guy in the video had a Walker with an 18" custom barrel on it, now I want one. Found the gunsmith who customizes Walkers (like the one in the video), he gets $500 (plus cost of barrel) to put the barrel on. He's out of barrel blanks right now, so maybe...
  14. nightwolf1974

    CVA Colonial Pistol Nipple

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement nipple for a CVA Colonial Pistol? And what thread size they are?
  15. nightwolf1974

    Getting a flintlock pistol.......

    So, for this year I'm going to try something I've always been fascinated by....a large bore flintlock pistol. I've decided to go with a MSVTC French 1773 pistol to start my flintlock journey.(which I believe is either .69 or .71cal.)
  16. nightwolf1974

    If you could have an original.........

    If you could have an original black powder handgun(s) in like new condition, what would it (they) be? Me: A pair of Colt Walkers, a pair of Colt 3 Model Dragoons, a pair of Griswold & Gunnisons, and a pair of Tucker & Sherrard revolvers. As you can guess, I'm partial to Colt type revolvers...
  17. nightwolf1974

    Remington TEXAS/BUFFALO revolver question

    Does anyone know if the top of the frame on a Brass framed Remington TEXAS/BUFFALO revolver is cut with the standard cut that the Remington New Model Army has on the top strap? Was thinking about getting one sometime, but don't want adjustable rear sight.
  18. nightwolf1974

    Brass framed Colts

    I was looking on a certain site that claimed to 1851 Navies in stock. They showed brass framed Pietta 1851 Navies, but with a disclaimer that read..." Brass framed revolvers should not be used for Live Fire." Last I knew, a Pietta is a Pietta. They don't make (at least to my knowledge) a model...
  19. nightwolf1974

    The Outlaw Josey Wales....

    Being one of my 3 favorite Eastwood westerns, every time I sit down to watch it I lose myself in the movie. I know he wields a pair of Colt Walkers and a Colt 1860 Army....But what is the other revolver that he carries? Like I say I lose myself in the movie and forget analyze it more.
  20. nightwolf1974

    WANTED WTB .610 RB mold

    Looking for a Lyman, RCBS, or SAECO .610 round ball mold......PMs work best