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    Slings on Long Rifles

    Man, I am with ya here. By the time I load my pack and gear I want a sling on my weapon. I remember the day I would drag a rifle around all day and not be feeling it. Those days are defunct.
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    Support-hand burn

    Eh, so ya get a hand full of hot cap once in a while. Suck it up and enjoy the burn.🤣
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    thoughts from you guys?

    The way I hunt the tree rat this time of year because of thick vegetation is go to the woods where they have a food source and sit down and shut up. It is just a smite early for storing their winter stash here, but I imagine in southern Missouri it close. The young'uns are there and as the...
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    Northern Neck of VA?

    Now bear in mind back in the day. Hinton, West Virginia is the last migration we have from the east. And at the time West Virginia was Virginia until after the war between the states. My family is scattered from the east coast to the Dakota territories, on to California. :thumb:
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    Northern Neck of VA?

    Not as of late, about 7 generations ago. Welcome from the show me state.
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    Tool question

    That is a wide one!
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    My very own .36 Cal !

    .36 has a little poke power and doesn't throw a lot of lead and powder.
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    Favorite Production Guns

    I do really like Fusils, very adaptable to any hunting situation.
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    500 Yards, Stock 1:48 Twist TC Renegade .50 Cal

    TC went through a period of time later years with not so great barrels. I have an early TC. 50 caliber and a later 54 TC. The earlier barrel is just like everything else. Went to pot in later years.
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    Making Wads

    Just a suggestion if the equipment is available. I use a round punch from Harbor Freight set . Set in a cheap drill press and cut the wads out. Takes away from the pounding and the punch stays sharp longer without all the bangs. This will work on a pile of patches also.
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    New Flintlocks

    I have assembled several good kits, but was always a little dissatisfied with the locks that came with the less expensive kits. building the black powder weapon takes a bit of talent with understanding of function and PATIENCE with detail. It is not uncommon for a new build to be rushed to get...
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    What did I buy????

    Great score, check the stock over close to the lock. Can't really tell without putting the magnifiers to it. Hope just a photo flaw. You did not go wrong,:D
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    Smoky smell.

    I was given some leather and leather working tools and the previous owner was a chain smoker, man , liked to have never relieved the material of the odor.
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    Smoky smell.

    This explanation may hold some merit. One thing for sure that buck had a definite fix near your location. If it had been light enough to see your sights I wonder if his reaction may have been different. Maybe he was hunting too.😄
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    Smoky smell.

    Different smell, but even that odor will shy away game. I like to hunt where people practice smoking. I keep my distance and usually have a successful hunt, just like people used to do me. I call it the invisible driver; works even where driving is illegal.:thumb:
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    WARNING: A too good deal is probably a too good deal if from a stranger.

    Upping the posts sounds like a good idea, Yep, second that
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    Smoky smell.

    This is the route I went with some leather and bags I was given and it worked well. Nothing any worse than smoke odor to a person that has quit smoking.
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    Help for old eyes

    I am going to order the eye pal, thanks to the forum, good discussion.
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    What would you choose?

    1858 Remington, double barrel shotgun. I would really choose a flintlock shotgun.
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    Graf black powder accuracy

    What can I say, anyone that has been around these old weapons should know the way to tune the skill of accuracy is to shoot, shoot and shoot while documenting and keeping track of last sequence of firing. All the advice in the world will not help without knowing the particulars of the weapon or...