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    How much gun weight can I lose

    I have a rifle with a 38" long barrel, 1" across the flats in .54 caliber that is to muzzle heavy for me. I considered cutting off the muzzle but after much deliberation determined the architecture would never be right. If I were to have it rebored to a .58 does anyone know or have a reasonable...
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    Shot in the bears eyes

    In another thread they are discussing the efficacy of shooting a bear in the eyes with shot in order to render him less dangerous while using a small caliber or reloading with a ball to kill the bear, it took me awhile to find it but this actually occurred in our history. The book Fleur de Lys...
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    Sight adjustment formulas

    I am putting new sights on my old Jaeger to make them more user friendly for my aging eyesight and thought that the formulas for adjusting them may be of interest.:) Easiest Sight radius (distance between sights in inches) X distance to move impact on target in inches / divided by distance to...
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    What's a Kibler SMR weigh?

    Before we get to the meat of the question, let me say to the young guys here DON'T GET OLD! You don't think it will happen to you but you can no longer hold up your muzzle heavy rifles and when you do you can't see the )*(&^*&^ sights fast enough to try and align them. So, lets look for a new...
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    So.. In order not to hijack the excessive fouling thread, I have a question about fouling. I have not owned a percussion rifle in 30 or 40 years or so and I am curious, do percussion guns foul more than flintlocks? Does anyone have a rifle that they switch back and forth from percussion and...
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    Best ever woods walk station?

    In another thread I brought up the subject of woods walks, my favorite way to with guns. Which got me thinking about my favorite station EVER! So, we had a running deer target similar to BPMS's running boar but we put it on a steel cable that was on an incline and it would run...
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    Cartridge help

    To All I am using a .36 caliber Guns of the West paper cartridge roller/maker thing and bullets from a Eras Gone .36 Colt mould. Everything is working pretty well until I put the bullet in the charged paper case and I am having quite the time getting my old fat fingers to get the bullet to start...
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    Shotgun Help

    Gentlemen I can not read this, is it Diwildj or Dimilde or what? Any help is appreciated
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    Hawken Reproduction

    Just out of curiosity of the current batch of reproductions which is the closest to being a copy of an original Hawken
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    WANTED Game Bag

    G Gentlemen, Please look at the game bag in the attached pictures. These are from artists from the mid 1700's Chardin, Oudry and Vallayer-Coster It has a metal top and three compartments and since it was included in paintings in the time period by three different artists I must assume it was a...
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    Flintlock half stock

    Lets say I wanted to buy a ready to shoot flintlock half stock rifle. Around eight lbs or under fairly short for getting around in the brush. Good quality, $2,500.00 or under. Where would you look? Just window shopping right now.
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    I understand that the Lyman GPR signature series is built by Pedersoli, does Pedersoli build the same rifle by a different name under their own trade name?
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    Cleaning ceramic stones

    I am looking for a better way to clean the built up metal out of my ceramic stones used for sharpening gouges etc. What methods work for you guys
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    Federal Eagle

    Thought this illustration showing German Federal eagles from around 1300 may be of interest
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    Looking for a source for some good quality turn screws/ screwdrivers to carry in shooting bags. Small to carry easily but capable of removing a lock and tightening the flint down in a cock, if it did double duty with some other function, so much the better. Thanks!