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  1. sourdough

    Pietta Dance Firearms Company .36 Revolver

    This recently came up for auction and a friend of mine won it. It is a Pietta Dance .36 manufactured under consignment by Tony Gajewski for a one-year run (BH/1996). Originally there were many more scheduled to be produced, but there was a contractual dispute between Gajewski and Pietta, so...
  2. sourdough

    Percussion Cap Information

    I find that with all the information sporadically available about different percussion caps, I have not found a source that puts it all together in one spot. This may not cover everything available, but it suits my interests very well. Enjoy! Regards, Jim EDITED BY MODERATOR TO REMOVE...
  3. sourdough

    Spiller & Burr

    For those of you who are familiar with me, you know I have a penchant for Pietta 1851 Navy .36 Confederate variants. That said, I got my $600 stimulus check a month ago and have been looking for another Confederate revolver. I won at auction a Navy Arms/Pietta Spiller & Burr revolver (BL/1998)...
  4. sourdough

    Pandemic Auction Revolver "Phenomena"

    To premise, I watch GunBroker on a daily basis to see what is being offered. Since the pandemic started about a year ago, I have seen a steady rapid decline in the numbers of new(er) revolvers from Pietta and Uberti. That, it seems, has led to the rise of more older, obscure, and damaged...
  5. sourdough

    Uberti Western Arms Tucker, Sherrard, And Company Revolver

    I found this on GB just as the the auction closed, otherwise I would have snatched it up. Tucker, Sherrard, & Company .44 revolver (AD/1978) manufactured by Aldo Uberti & Co. and marketed by Western Arms Corp., Santa Fe NM (which I believe to be the precursor to Cimarron Firearms). It sold for...
  6. sourdough

    October Country 2020 Christmas Special

    OC is offering 10% off any remaining items in Dr. Davis' collection. I don't think they have sold anything there in months. Welcome Regards, Jim
  7. sourdough

    Pietta 1860 Army With Shoulder Stock

    Found this one on GB today. Very nicely figured wood (stock and grips) but just slightly dinged up. If that is a Pietta stock it is better wood than is usually present on the ones sold by EMF. J-hook housing length and J-hook length correct for the 1860 Army gripframe. Datecode BH/1996. Wish I...
  8. sourdough

    Pietta 1851 Navy .36 Type Revolvers / Parts Changing

    Per requests from Treestalker and hawkeye2, these are what I have. I chose to use Pietta revolvers and parts because since ~2001 Pietta has used CNC machining, which means that most everything is interchangeable (a few things are not) so as to be LEGO guns with very little or no fitting...
  9. sourdough

    R. G. Wilson Revolver

    I would like to pick your collective brains for more information about this revolver. It is a "copy" of a Colt 1860 Army .44 that was entirely handmade by a machinist/gunsmith R. G. Wilson, Fulton MI in the early 1960's. It is serial number 7 with a total of only ten revolvers like this...
  10. sourdough

    FOR SALE WTS/WTT ASM 1860 Army Grip Assembly

    WTS/WTT Armi San Marco 1860 Army 3-piece grip assembly w/mainspring. Bottom screw included. Wood/trigger guard/backstrap fit together very well. Wood has a few minor dings near the butt and minor scratches elsewhere. No rust or corrosion. $65 shipped. Willing to trade for an ASM 1st/2nd/3rd...
  11. sourdough

    Walker... Or... Dragoon...

    I don't see much interest in either Walker or Dragoon revolvers on this forum so I thought I might give it a bit of a kick start just to see what others have here. Remember, I am a noob in this place, so flame on! Many years ago I had the pleasure of shooting my BIL's Walker, one cylinder's...
  12. sourdough

    Pietta Factory Tour

    I found this to be a very good (but a bit long - 47 minutes) video. Mr. A. Pietta has a lot of information here: Regards, Jim
  13. sourdough

    Fantasy Colt 1851 Navy Second Model .36 Belt Dragoon

    I have an affliction named "Parts-Changer Syndrome", and assume I am not alone "suffering" from this. Actually, the only thing that suffers is my wallet... ;) This is a parts gun that started out as a Pietta 1851 Navy (date code CM/2014) "tail" gun. I swapped out these parts: new replacement...
  14. sourdough

    Cased 1860 Army with Shoulder Stock

    It took me quite a while to put this set together, but I really like it. Armi San Marco Colt 1860 Army (date code BC/1993) 4-screw frame cut for shoulder stock with an Uberti full-fluted cylinder, ASM spare round engraved cylinder, Pietta Colt Type 3 shoulder stock (with some nice wood!), Colt...
  15. sourdough

    J.H. Dance And Brothers

    Just thought I would post a photo of my recently acquired Pietta Dance .36, SN C00013, never fired, one of 35 produced in 1996 as part of a special production run, commissioned by a Tony Gajewski. It was part of the large collection of Dr. James L. Davis who formed RPRCA (Replica Percussion...
  16. sourdough

    New Guy

    Hello! Glad to be part of this board. My particular interest is in Colt type C&B revolvers Regards, JIm