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  1. Woody Morgan

    Thoughts on long-barreled smoothbores

    @TreeMan's good thread on short-barreled smoothbores got me thinking about barrel lengths in general and long barrels in particular. I understand short barrels and how performance relates but my main question is this: Why on earth do so many of pre-1860 firearms have barrels in excess of 40...
  2. Woody Morgan

    Snakeyes pistol

    Got a great deal recently on an Ethan Allen-pattern .36 Snakeyes pistol. I have some .370 balls which of course won't work with patching but maybe a felt OP wad and a whack on a short starter will do? wm
  3. Woody Morgan

    trade gun id

    Can anyone place this gun or know where it might have come from? Said to be an original but...even looks unfired from what I can see on the frizzen. wm
  4. Woody Morgan

    Italian Firearms Group

    Just a heads up on this vendor if you want to order from them. I ordered a Pedersoli 20 gauge SxS back in January and after many inquiries during that time was told yesterday that the gun may or may not be ready for shipment in October. I finally decided to go a different direction and called to...
  5. Woody Morgan

    CLOSED NW trade musket or?

    Since I've given up on Pedersoli getting my SxS 20 gauge to me in anything resembling a timely fashion I'm changing tack. I'm looking for a good Indian trade musket in .62 caliber ready to shoot preferably in 36" or thereabouts. Anyone? Suggestions? wm
  6. Woody Morgan

    Access Heritage NW Trade Musket finishing

    This model: Northwest Chief's Musket used by Tecumseh Comes complete except for the touch hole. How difficult it it for someone with relatively decent equipment and abilities to install a lined touch hole? I assume all that is needed is to remove the lock then drill, tap and install the liner...
  7. Woody Morgan

    Just an observation

    In my opinion (you know what that's worth) any hobby done "right" isn't cheap. Fishing, offroading, flying toy airplanes, collecting Mickey Mouse watches (don't ask) or shooting in general. Of all the things I like to do, muzzleloading in particular has been the best bang for the buck (pun...
  8. Woody Morgan

    WITHDRAWN Ruger Old Army

    Yeah, I know. Kinda late to the dance but if anyone still has a stainless one in good shape, I'd sure be interested. No junk. Ready to buy. Shoot me a pm. wm
  9. Woody Morgan

    What is it with curved buttstocks?

    I admittedly have never shouldered a long gun with the curved buttstocks of old but are they comfortable? They look to me like a good way to put a hole in your shoulder if not mounted just right. wm
  10. Woody Morgan

    Swap barrel rifle/smoothie?

    I really like my Traditions Deerhunter. It's reliable, carries well and is easy to deal with both in shooting and cleaning with a hooked breech and single barrel wedge. I also want a 20 gauge smoothie and versatility is one of my main "things". My idea right or wrong is to procure another barrel...
  11. Woody Morgan

    shotgun chokes

    I want a smoothbore and I have a Pedersoli 20 gauge SxS enroute. It's intended for general steel banging and every great now and then upland bird. I also would enjoy a light, quick, unchoked smoothbore for versatility and SxS for cool. What I'm considering (already) is shortening the barrel to...
  12. Woody Morgan

    Comments at the range

    At the range yesterday shooting a Deerhunter and a Trapper one of the gals asked to try the Deerhunter. After the boom, flame and smoke cleared away she hollered, "My God! It's like the Fourth of July!!" 😁 What other comments have y'all heard about our chosen firearms? wm
  13. Woody Morgan

    Casting mold hinge lube

    Do you do it lubed or dry? wm
  14. Woody Morgan

    Choke mod on a Pedersoli 20 SxS?

    I've been accused of being a heretic before but versatility is my life watchword. The Pedersoli 20g SxS flinter I have coming has fixed chokes and I would also like to shoot ball out of it. I'm considering having the gun sent to have removable chokes installed. That way, I can have my cake and...
  15. Woody Morgan

    And the bartender asked, why the long......barrel?

    Ok. Punchline from an old joke, sorta. Anyways... I'm a carbine kinda guy and being newish to muzzleloaders a bit ignorant on top of it. That said, what's with the crazy long rifle barrels? I mean, howinell is a settler supposed to sneak through the piney woods with a rifle sporting a barrel...
  16. Woody Morgan

    Discharge while loading

    Not necessarily a pleasant subject but... I understand that cannoneers of old and maybe new have a chance of a discharge while loading powder into the bore due to a remaining spark from wadding or whatever hence the mop but what are the chances of our firearms accidentally discharging a powder...
  17. Woody Morgan

    Happy camper!

    I've been fighting sighting in a Traditions Deerhunter. I just couldn't get it reliably on paper at 50 yards until I looked at the powder I was using. Hmm. Some old Elephant ffg I've had under the bench for a while. Before leaving the range I stashed what was left of the Elephant in the cannon...
  18. Woody Morgan

    My little boomer

    Friend of mine made this little jewel. .75 caliber and is a big favorite at the range. I usually power it with 130 grains of FFg. I'm not sure what this is a replica of. Civil War? It gets stored in a custom carrying/storage case made for it. wm
  19. Woody Morgan

    Cleaning a flintlock

    To be honest, I've been a slob when it comes to shooting unmentionables the last fifty years. Solvents, black stains on the clothing, having to wash hands 3 times to get 'em clean after shooting...I hate it so my "others" go until they get stiff all except for the "constant companions"...
  20. Woody Morgan

    Hey all from the late great state of Ca.

    Just to make sure you folks understand, I'm not one of "those" Californians. We're conservative Central California Sierra mountain folk. Ennyways... Just getting into muzzleloading as a practical exercise and for fun. Both my guns are flintlocks (no primers required). The rifle is a modern...