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  1. Davey Boy

    Supplier Quality Problems

    Got it, thank you
  2. Davey Boy

    Supplier Quality Problems

    List all the ones that don't have such qa failures and don't care so some of us new people have at least a clue or give us a state to never ever buy from like California, Washington, Oregon Sign me clueless 😳
  3. Davey Boy

    Well I pulled the trigger

    That is craftsmanship No that's a work of art Beautiful :thumb:
  4. Davey Boy

    Well I pulled the trigger

    I shot lead balls out of my 1.5" cannon at the range My aim height was off so the lead 1.5" ball cleared all the berms and was knocking down small trees in the woods I will never do a cannon at a range again I also tried 1 .5" steel shaft cut to various lengths up to 2" in length, these were...
  5. Davey Boy

    CLOSED Boiled linseed oil

    On EBay that can empty is for sale for $29+ I think yours looks better it's worth three times that if you used it on a muzzleloader, maybe more if you start high in your asking price 🤔
  6. Davey Boy

    CLOSED Boiled linseed oil

    I still use boiled linseed oil for all my yard wood handled implements I warm it up which things it and brush it on until it's all soaked in good Takes quite some time before you can stop handling the wood without gloves It's good stuff
  7. Davey Boy

    CLOSED Boiled linseed oil

    Of you could empty it out and ship it clean that's a terrific can!
  8. Davey Boy

    This old gun !

    When did the abbreviation Ky begin being used? Post Office started in 1963, for mail sent before that date the State name was written out completely If the barrel markings are post 1963, it may indicate the work done to the barrel time frame I would pitch the stock and patch box, the tear...
  9. Davey Boy

    This old gun !

    From a post I started called Whitmore Wolff & Duff I still haven't finished Need to take to the range and shoot it
  10. Davey Boy

    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I liked the chewed up stick. It's the kind of tool that can outlast everything else in the picture.
  11. Davey Boy

    Greetings from Colorado!

    Welcome from Florida!
  12. Davey Boy

    New Member from NC

    Welcome from Florida!
  13. Davey Boy

    A little bonjour from Normandy-France

    Welcome from Florida!
  14. Davey Boy

    Starting out casting balls and bullets

    I would think melt and pour temperatures would be great to know I use inexpensive controllers and they have been very accurate I get them from Amazon
  15. Davey Boy

    Did natives in the northeast wear fringed leggings during the FIW?

    Indians in the Northeast were tough as a bag of hammers. I doubt they wore leggings at all. When asked if they were cold running around mostly naked in the ice and show with wind blowing, the Indian would your face cold? No,... well indian all face.
  16. Davey Boy

    Whitworth rifle range report

    I am awful at bullet placement, haven't tried using a vise and a laser yet. But 50 years ago or more when I was still trying to make a group let alone hit the bullseye, the instructor told me to turn the target over and shoot where I thought the bullseye was. All I can say is wow, that worked.
  17. Davey Boy

    FOR SALE TC rear sight FS

    It sure is good information to know it has fluted sides and longer spacing than the older models. I take Snip It images of some of the information I read on the Muzzle Loading Forum (MLF) and save it on my computer so I can find it easily' Thank you SGGY
  18. Davey Boy

    I found #11 CCI percussion caps at Walmart today - finally

    Yup I got five five today at Wal-Mart too
  19. Davey Boy

    Hey from NC

    Welcome from Florida !