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  1. Josephg

    Stuck bullet

    Now let me get this straight. You have had a stuck ball in a rifle starting August 8th and you just got it out the 20th of September........... That right there has to be a stuck ball removal world record if there ever was one! :oops: Congradutations! :thumb:
  2. Josephg

    What's in your powder horn

    Black powder. Sometimes I have a hard time cypherin the type of powder in a horn. Can usually tell by looking at it close.
  3. Josephg

    Mike has not been answering his emails

    I needn't have worried. He was off hunting. 400 pound bear with his .58 flintlock rifle. No other details now. Just got this picture in an email.
  4. Josephg

    Original vs Modern Rifle Barrels?

    I have many of both. The new made modern barrels are more accurate than the old barrels. But I don't have any old barrels that are new. In short, I don't know. Guess I just wanted to increase my post count.
  5. Josephg

    Informal Shooting - Alone or with Friends?

    Where is that anyway?
  6. Josephg

    Informal Shooting - Alone or with Friends?

    Solitude is when you are by yourself. Who's foot is that? Bigfoot? 😄
  7. Josephg

    Informal Shooting - Alone or with Friends?

    With and around people. I like people.
  8. Josephg

    SPG bullet lube ?

    I tried it many years ago. Pan lubed with it but lube would fall out of the lube grooves. I added two tablespoons of EV olive oil which made it gooey which made it stick to bullets. It didn't work any better than my home made lube so it went into the pot with my regular lube. It does have a...
  9. Josephg

    I have a stuck bullet

    Excellent video, Ron. Your video will help shooters who have no resources, (tools), skills or knowledge. Grease, a grease gun and a grease fitting to fit the breech is all the neophyte needs to remove a stuck bullet. One could use your method in the kitchen to get the job done. Having said that...
  10. Josephg

    Ok, what is the best shot/shots you have seen or accomplished?

    Couple months ago at a match in Montana I placed four shots in the ten ring and one out. Think it scored 47. Standing at fifty yards. Not bad for me. Was shooting my new Hawken type rifle. Last weekend used the same rifle to win a ten shot match at fifty yards standing with a score of 87. Two...
  11. Josephg


    What ignited your interest in shooting muzzleloader? Looking through my dads old west magazines when I was in grade school. They used to have articles on old shooting matches, types of rifles, how they were loaded and shot and what they shot at.
  12. Josephg

    Stuck bullet

    We all started somewhere and we were perty dumb but we kept it to ourselves. I always did. Except the time I overloaded that 12 guage a little and tattooed the wife's face with powder blast. Leaky breech plug. She had a nice straight black line down the side of her face. She wasn't much to...
  13. Josephg

    Stuck bullet

    Try reading the first post then wait a few days and read the last posts. Finding out how the shooter actually got it out is the most interesing part for me. I think these stuck bullet threads are part of a new American trend where some are reveling in their stupidity/ignorance. They like...
  14. Josephg

    Ok, what is the best shot/shots you have seen or accomplished?

    I was having trouble getting on paper at 200 yards. Mike suggested I shoot at a gong on the 300 yard berm and everyone would watch. Well I was shooting a 700 grain bullet and 100 grains of Swiss 1 1/2. Hit the gong dead center but knocked it clean off the berm. That was fun and got a good...
  15. Josephg

    Stuck bullet

    If you had a stuck ball in a 46 inch 62 caliber barrel, how many pumps on a grease gun handle would it take to push the bullet out?
  16. Josephg

    Stuck bullet

    The T handle lighning rod would be more spectacular.........
  17. Josephg

    Stuck bullet

    Another one. This one is real lively. I like it. :)
  18. Josephg

    Why not remove the breech plug????

    Back in the eighties I had a CVA rifle wth a horrible bore, but it shot just fine. I wanted to take it apart to see exactly why the bore was so rough. People at work told me not to remove the breech plug. They said "it's not supposed to be removed", thay said it was "made so that it could not...
  19. Josephg

    Minnie Ball Stuck 1861 Springfield

    I'm glad winters didn't finally use a grease gun. Gads what a dang mess!