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  1. Wolfman0125

    Engraved Paterson Revolver.

    I’m trying to discover the product year of this cased engraved Pietta Paterson Revolver. Serial D4242. I see no other proof marks or anything on it. I have only seen a picture of one other online. I’m guessing it may have been a limited edition model produced around the mid 70’s but not sure...
  2. Wolfman0125

    Griswold & Gunnison .36 Cal Revolver.

    This is my new Griswold. It is factory new, and defarbed. I’m still working on perfecting the antique finish and will be doing the grips soon.
  3. Wolfman0125

    WANTED Antler, bone, or scrimshaw Bowie knife.

    I’m looking for an Antler, or Bone or Scrimshaw Bowie knife. or possibly a Confederate battle knife.
  4. Wolfman0125

    Slixshot Nipple Replacement

    Will Slixshot Nipples work on a Colt Dragoon? Not Uberti or Pietta. If I’m not mistaken I think that the thread is different from Italian reproductions.
  5. Wolfman0125

    WANTED J. H. Dance Revolver

    Looking for an Uberti or Pietta J. H. Dance Revolver if anyone has one. Pm me.
  6. Wolfman0125

    Union Metallic Cartridge Company Caps

    Check out this great find. I would love to date these. I know it is before 1911, but could go back as far as the 1860’s
  7. Wolfman0125

    Pietta Spiller and Burr Revolver

    Does the Pietta Spiller and Burr revolvers have all of the original stamping and proof marks of the originals? Such as the Spiller and Burr stamp on top of the barrel. I know they have to be defarbed as well.
  8. Wolfman0125

    Colt Cochise Dragoon

    Not exactly traditional but I just bought this and it’s just too pretty not to share. Only 50 ever made.
  9. Wolfman0125

    WANTED Anyone have a Paterson?

    I am looking for a Paterson for my collection. If anyone has one for sale or trade. Thanks.
  10. Wolfman0125

    Can anyone help me Identify the year of manufacture?

    I picked up an Authentic Colt Dragoon today that has lots of wear. The serial number is 1312A . Can anyone tell me the year of manufacture and what series it is, and what generation it is? Thanks. First to reply I will tell you what I paid for it. Thanks!
  11. Wolfman0125

    Uberti Colt Walker.

    Here are some before and after pics of my Walker.
  12. Wolfman0125

    Ted Cash Funnel question.

    Does anyone know if the Ted Cash deluxe funnel will thread onto Pendersoli flasks such as the Walker Flask, .44 or .36 ?
  13. Wolfman0125

    FOR SALE #11 percussion caps

    If anyone is needing #11 percussion caps, I am selling homemade brass 250 ct #11 percussion caps that are unprimed. They come in a Civil War Reproduction tin. You can purchase the Prime-All kit online to prime up to 1500 caps for $19.95 They are easy to prime them yourself, or use your own...
  14. Wolfman0125

    “Texas” Flask

    Being a Native Texan, I love anything Texas. I bought a Colt Walker for its connection to the Texas Rangers and the fact that production started for Walkers on the day that the Alamo fell. I recently discovered a Zouave flask that commemorates the Alamo and a painting of the martyrs that hangs...
  15. Wolfman0125

    WANTED Colt Walker holster

    Looking for a Walker holster. Prefer Left hand draw. Also looking for a shoulder rig. Please PM me here on the forum. My name is Mark.
  16. Wolfman0125

    FOR SALE #11 Percussion Caps / Reproduction Cartridges for display cases.

    Offering for sale or trade: Hand made 250ct #11 percussion caps in a period reproduction tin, and wooden cartridges box with period reproduction label and packaging containing 6 inert .44 or .36 caliber paper cartridges. All items are made by hand. Can make live ammo upon request but Hazmat...
  17. Wolfman0125

    Trying to Identify this 1860 Army.

    I have a Uberti Cimarron 1860 Army .44 that I can’t identify. The production stamp suggests it was made in 2019. However, I have not found one on the internet made like this one. Either this was made as a stainless frame with a blued upper, or they forgot to do the chemical case hardening...
  18. Wolfman0125

    TRADE #11 percussion caps

    I have CCI #11 and also new homemade brass #11 percussion caps in the making, and starting production on Reproduction .44 cal paper cartridges with Johnston and Dow bullets this week. I’m open to trade items. Pictured is an example of my Homemade Items I am offering.
  19. Wolfman0125

    WANTED Looking for an Uberti Walker

    I am looking for an Uberti Walker to add to my collection. I have some nice items for trade as well if interested. PM for details.