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  1. J

    WANTED Looking for a new Southern Banded Horn

    If you have a right handed one available, let me know. Thanks. Jerry
  2. J

    FOR SALE Custom GRRW CA Hawken

    After much contemplation, and due to my love of full stock Hawken rifles, I have been selling all my half stock Hawken rifles. I have sold five of the six and this is the last one I have available. Need the funds for my order of a Don Stith full stock parts kit to be built by John Bergmann, and...
  3. J

    SOLD Custom Half Stock Hawken 58 cal

    Up for sale is a custom half stock Hawken rifle I picked up from a dealer in Southern Virginia. It was built along the lines of a late Hawken rifle using American Black Walnut. I do not recall the builder’s name, but he fit the parts correctly. It has the classic crescent buttplate with a...
  4. J

    SOLD Custom Full Stock Hawken 58 cal

    Up for sale is a custom full stock Hawken rifle I picked up in a trade that was only partially built. I did not like the work performed but saw potential for a very nice rifle. I sent the rifle to John King of Kila, Montana to rebuild. He found that the original builder misaligned the lock and...
  5. J

    SOLD Westley Richards Sling

    Up for sale is an original Westley Richards safari sling with tan canvas webbing and dark brown leather ends. All metal is brass and sling loops are 1”. The webbing is 2” and shortest length is 39”. Appears to be an older model as it is not lettered and marked the same as the current production...
  6. J

    SOLD Numerous Parts

    All parts in the picture are being sold in one lot, which includes a brand new Pedersoli peep sight that fits numerous models. The peep sells for over $100. There are numerous parts from a number of builds I had done and I do not need the parts any longer. Will sell everything, shipped, for...
  7. J

    FOR SALE Trail Guns Armory Kodiak in 58

    For sale is a Trail Guns Armory Kodiak double barrel .58 caliber muzzleloader. This is the older model of the Pedersoli rifle. It has all browned metal and the bore is perfect. Comes with the original sling and two ramrods, Hickory with browned furniture and a black fiberglass rod with brass...
  8. J

    SOLD Tom Faux Hawken

    Up for sale is a Tom Faux, of Brighton, CO., built half-stock Hawken rifle in .58 caliber with a 33-inch Howard Kelly (Weberton Rifle Works) barrel in 1x66 inch twist for patched round ball. I contacted Tom and he advised that he built the rifle in 1994 for a man in Wyoming (he could not recall...
  9. J

    SOLD Sharon Rifle Barrel Co. Hawken

    I have for sale a half-stock Hawken rifle with a Sharon Rifle Barrel Co, 33-inch in .58 caliber with a 1x70 twist. I do not know if this was built by Sharon themselves, or using one of their kits from the 1970’s or the barrel purchased and other parts were used to build this rifle. There is an...
  10. J

    SOLD Euroarms JP Murray Artillery Model

    Euroarms JP Murray Artillery model 58 caliber musket I picked up in a trade. My intent was to use it muzzleloader hunting, but never got around to even firing it. It is in excellent to like new condition. I added a snap cap and an 1853 Enfield type leather sling. When I received it there was a...
  11. J

    SOLD Parker Hale Enfield 1858

    Up for sale is an early model Parker Hale Enfield 1858, two-band, in .577 caliber (.58 caliber) with serial number 2XXX. This is the early model built in Birmingham, England and has all the English proofmarks and stampings on it, it is not English parts assembled in Italy. The stock has the...
  12. J

    SOLD Zoli 1863 Zouave

    Up for sale is an early model Antonio Zoli 1863 Zouave in .58 caliber with serial number 16XXX. It has a 33-inch barrel, two barrel bands and 5/16-24 twist nipples. There are three nipples and a new civil war style black leather hook sling are included. One musket nipple and one #11 nipple...
  13. J

    SOLD Armi San Paolo Enfield 1853

    I have for sale a Armi San Paolo (before they became Euroarms) built Enfield 1853, also known as a P53, with a very early serial number of 14XX. Standard 39-inch barrel in .577 (58 caliber) with an 8-1.25 musket nipple thread. I have installed the correct Enfield sling swivels and the snap cap...
  14. J

    Tom Faux of Brighton, Colorado

    All, Have a chance to buy a very nice rifle built by Tom Faux of Brighton, Co. Anyone know of his work, as I have not heard of him? It is a half stock Hawken in 58 caliber that I am looking at. Thanks.
  15. J

    FOR SALE Parts for Sale

    Investarms: Investarms Hawken double set trigger in excellent shape. $40 shipped. Scope: Leatherwood Malcomb 32” long - ¾” tube scope 6x with Rear Mount Set M634MT, fine elevation adjustment, heavy-duty recoil locking clamp, 3” extended sunshade, 3/8” & 7/16” front and rear dovetail blocks...
  16. J

    Help with Hawken Hammer

    Hi, I recently picked up a very nice Sharon rifle barrel Hawken that appeared in excellent shape. After receiving it, I noticed that the hammer does not land squarely on the nipple, but is in fact at a slight angle from the direct line of the nipple and also is not center on the nipple. One...