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  1. Rock Home Isle

    How long do you spend cleaning your long rifle after an outing at the range

    Mine is gun dependent...Some of them clean up nice and quick, others take time to get them really clean after a day at the range or in the field. Usually, 20 to 30 minutes and the gun is ready to go back on the rack. Smoothies seem to clean up the quickest. I do have one gun that just seems to...
  2. Rock Home Isle

    At What Range Have Most of Your Big Game Animals Been Shot At?

    Pig hunting is on my bucket list...I hope to do that someday.
  3. Rock Home Isle

    I finally got my belly full of shootin

    Even a bad day at the range is better than a good day at work. Great to hear about your times
  4. Rock Home Isle

    Question about knapping flint edge in the jaws of the cock

    I put a strip of leather over my finger and place my finger under the flint when I resharpen it while still in the jaws. I usually pressure flake the edge first, then if needed I'll tap the edge with a small "Hammer" like tool to finish any final shaping that is needed. If I'm unable to coax a...
  5. Rock Home Isle

    do any of you hunt with your black powder cap-and-ball revolvers?

    Years ago I read a story in one of the muzzleloading books about a guy that used his cap&ball revolver to hunt muskrats...sounded fun to me at the time, though I have never done it. I have taken rabbits with my .36 calibre Navy revolver.
  6. Rock Home Isle

    At What Range Have Most of Your Big Game Animals Been Shot At?

    When I first started taking big game/making meat with a muzzleloader, my average shot distance was 80 yards to 100 yards. After hunting and using a muzzleloader for nearly 3.5 decades...I tend to take big game at 20 yards or less. Elk usually at 10 to 20 yards, deer at 20 yards to 30 yards...
  7. Rock Home Isle

    So why do *you* enjoy smoothbore shooting?

    Shooting a smooth-bore muzzleloader gives me a sense of history and a feeling of purity for this sport. I honestly enjoy the loading process for each shot and I like the fact that each load is a custom load for the gun that I'm holding...very heavy on the intangibles.
  8. Rock Home Isle

    Lead shot

    I bought 200 lbs of shot years I have an over stock.
  9. Rock Home Isle

    1lb =7,000. Or does it?

    So I googled it: 1.7 g/cm³ Modern corning first compresses the fine black powder meal into blocks with a fixed density (1.7 g/cm³). In the United States, gunpowder grains were designated F (for fine) or C (for coarse).
  10. Rock Home Isle

    1lb =7,000. Or does it?

    The density of black powder is consistent. Mass/volume So if you know the mass that you want, you can calculate the volume.
  11. Rock Home Isle

    Small bore questions

    I have a Pedersoli Blue Ridge .32 calibre percussion. That gun needs to be swabbed after every other shot. I have a Dixie Tennessee Mountain Rifle .32 calibre flintlock. I can shoot this gun all day and never have to swab the bore. I have no idea why the difference...
  12. Rock Home Isle

    Looking For Lead

    When I first got into this great hobby, I did caste a bunch of balls from my dads pile of Lyman #2...Bit harder to load and some loss in accuracy.
  13. Rock Home Isle

    Powder granulation importance?

    The chemical formula of Black Powder is consistent through out. The differences in granulation determines rate of burn, courser granulations of powder will burn slower than than finer granulations. I've actually read here of a guy that was using 4ffffg for his primary charge, it produced a...
  14. Rock Home Isle

    Cast Off Question

    I have a modern double barrel shotgun with 1/2" caste off. Perfect alignment, I would not worry...
  15. Rock Home Isle

    What did you do today

    Been shoveling snow for a few days now.
  16. Rock Home Isle

    What's the one muzzleloader you regret parting with most?

    I regret the sale of every gun that I've ever sold. I miss them all....
  17. Rock Home Isle

    Are you going to shoot??

    Our blizzard last weekend sort of put an end to shooting for a while...need to dig out.
  18. Rock Home Isle

    Thoughts on TVM Natchez Poor Boy

    I ordered the Natchez rifle a few months back. I'm also looking at getting this gun as a smoothbore. TVM has made 2 other smoothbores for me, and they are great guns....I'd like to have a matched pair: Rifle & SmoothBore of the same styling.
  19. Rock Home Isle

    Flintlock .40 squirrel hunters

    I asked about the estimated completion time period at the time of ordering.
  20. Rock Home Isle

    Flintlock .40 squirrel hunters

    Late December...