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  1. ord sgt

    New revolver

    I had duty as a Range Safety Officer yesterday. While watching the handgun range, a young man arrived, wanting to shoot his new Colt .36 calibre revolver. A new one pound plastic can of Goex FFFg, brass powder measure, a plastic scoop for the powder and a new tin of caps. I watched him, to be...
  2. ord sgt

    Unusual rifle stocks

    Another thread made me think of these rifle stocks. I found them in a series of Jaegar Rifles by George Shumway and were published in Muzzle Blasts. The second rifle was for a left eye dominate shooter. It had a curve of 2 1/2" to the right but parallel to the barrel.
  3. ord sgt

    CVA Pennsylvania rifle

    I know the rate of twist in all of my rifles and pistols except for one, a .45 calibre percussion CVA Pennsylvania rifle kit. It was given to me, with some parts missing. I know that it was made sometime in the 1970's. It is accurate with roundball so the rifling twist must be slow. Curious...
  4. ord sgt

    Newest build

    Jumping on the bandwagon of building a J&S Hawken. Got the parts from Track of the Wolf. New Colerain barrel, cut down to 32 inches. The problem is, removing the machine marks from the outside of the barrel. I have the files and aluminum oxide sandpaper of various grades, up to 400. I have read...
  5. ord sgt

    Applying finish to lock

    Just looking for a general idea on what type of finish to apply to a caplock pistol lock. L&R lock with a rough grey finish. The m/l pistol has a walnut stock with brass furniture and I plan on a blue barrel. Polish the lock bright or blue the lock or.....? Decisions, decisions, decisions.
  6. ord sgt

    First build re-do

    Since the weather is cold and nasty, I pulled out my first longrifle build. Did the project in 1982 and shot it until the next longrifle build. and the next and the next. The first rifle had a mixture of parts, each bought when extra money was available. Cherry wood stock, Green Mountain 42"...
  7. ord sgt

    The things that you see at the range

    Hunting season is approaching. The "hunters" are flocking to the range to prepare for opening day. Two shooters brought out their percussion rifles, wanting to try m/l season for the first time. One rifle was an inline but the other was a 40+ year old Navy caplock kit rifle. Shooter tried cap...
  8. ord sgt

    Buying BP in NJ

    This past weekend at the range, someone asked where black powder could be found in the south part of NJ. Most dealers that I know of, only sell BP replicas. So, I had no answer. I buy my powder in Va from Back Creek. That does not help the locals. I will not resell any of my powder due to...
  9. ord sgt

    Open house at local gun club

    On Saturday past, my gun club had it's annual open house. As RSO's, we are asked to provide some firarms so the guests get to shoot. I had my .50 calibre Jaegar flintlock and Enfield musketoon on the line. Many people had their first taste of black powder, white smoke. Several young men came...
  10. ord sgt

    Goex sold

    Saw the article in Muzzle Blasts that Goex was bought by Hogden. Hogden claims no changes will be made at the Goex plant. Looks like they have the corner on the muzzleloading powder market. Real black powder and all the substitutes. In the long run, wonder if they plan on dropping black powder...
  11. ord sgt

    Teaching muzzleloading

    Tonight, I have the privlage to teach a muzzleloading pistol class. Class members are people from my local range, Delran Junior Marksmen. This is the first step toward becoming NRA certified instructors. I have taught several ML rifle courses before, but it seems that the was very little...
  12. ord sgt

    Lost my mind (temporary)

    Drilling the tang bolt thru the trigger guard, got carried away and drilled too large of a hole for 10-32 tang screw. Can't tap the threads for the 10-32 screw. This is on a pistol so larger screw may not be the answer. Any ideas?
  13. ord sgt


    How do you keep round ball from keyholing? :rotf:
  14. ord sgt

    Another FNG

    ...not to muzzleloading but to the forum. Saw this forum listed in Muzzleblast magazine and dropped by to see what was up. Been shooting front stuffers for 30 years, rendezvous for lots of years, saw the start-up and demise of local muzzleloading group. Shot with N-SSA, attaining the rank of...