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  1. brazosland

    Euroarms Whitworth rear sight help

    Well I am in the club now. EA Whitworth made with a P-H barrel. Date code makes it circa 2006. Appears to be unfired. First order of business is correcting the only thing wrong with the rifle...the elevator slide on the rear sight is missing. Can anyone post a pic of what it’s supposed to...
  2. brazosland

    Need help with my new hat.

    Just pulling your leg. The Undefeated is one of my favorite movies.
  3. brazosland

    Need help with my new hat.

    Your fascination with Rock Hudson is...interesting! 😂😂😂
  4. brazosland

    Need help with my new hat.

    This has turned into an excellent thread. The subject in many ways seems like a trifling thing...but in that time period having it incorrect would have immediately drawn attention. I will post some pics. I have a cast pewter button. A buck tail I took and tanned myself and some ribbon. I was...
  5. brazosland

    SOLD Neck Pipe bag

    I really wish you would stop making these!! 👍
  6. brazosland

    Whitworth noob questions.

    Great replies. Thank you. Is the barrel mounted ladder sight of sufficient quality? I have several rifles that I have updated with Rich Cross made rear we say in South Texas, they are More Better. 2. On the mold size...working backwards from the bore size, what thickness of paper...
  7. brazosland

    Whitworth noob questions.

    Before I posted I looked at the KAL web page and there was nothing there about hex molds...
  8. brazosland

    Whitworth noob questions.

    Been follow the other threads... Just did a trade for a Euroarms/PH transition Whitworth rifle. Made by Euro but fitted with a PH barrel as they used up the remaining production parts. Does anyone make bullets I can buy? If I need to cast my own, can someone please post a few links to the...
  9. brazosland

    Wasp Nest

    In central Texas we have tons of paper wasps. I use the nests for wadding in my smooth bores and I also use it under patched balls in my rifles. Seems to protect against burn through on the patch and in my hunting loads if keeps the lubed patch off the powder.
  10. brazosland


    Did the trappers have them? A good K9 would have been even more useful then than they are now. I don’t know if I have ever seen this mentioned. Lewis & Clark had one. And they do make a fine meal!
  11. brazosland

    WANTED WTB Small Flat Powder Horn

    Sent you some pics of one I have. Might be a bit larger than you need.
  12. brazosland

    Common calibers of the day?

    Planning to be gone six months? They brought what they couldn’t make.
  13. brazosland

    New shotgun - what can you tell me about it's performance from this photo ?

    Remind me again how we keep that from happening on a flintlock? As long as the hammer is down and you have a nipple that is in spec you are good to go.
  14. brazosland

    My Black Powder room

    In the 1800s faux stripes were done with ink. Painted right on. The rifle pictured below is an Ohio rifle made in the mid 1850’s, .32 caliber, and the stock was done with ink. It is not touched up except for the toe and around the lock where wood was replaced. The stripes were added to the new...
  15. brazosland

    Common calibers of the day?

    They were finding .520/.530 size balls?
  16. brazosland

    Musket replicas with non-drilled vent tubes

    I’ll take it!
  17. brazosland

    .58 percussion pistol

    Just buy a Colt revolving rifle and cut it down!
  18. brazosland

    WITHDRAWN Custom Hand Crafted, Rich McDonald, 1779-1790 Early Virginia Style Flintlock Longrifle

    That’s a good idea also. My box is 2x4 frame with 1/4” plywood top and bottom. Rifle wrapped in bubble and news paper inside. Last time I shipped it empty it was $36. Cheap compared to a broken rifle (which I got in the mail yesterday.) Great looking gun and well priced!
  19. brazosland

    .58 percussion pistol

    Manufacturers use the same barrel blank, they just cut a smaller hole down the middle for a .50 than they do a .54 or .58. So a .50 is just as easy to open to .58 as a .54. That Harper’s Ferry in the classifieds is built on the same barrel they build their .58 smooth there is plenty of...
  20. brazosland

    .58 percussion pistol

    There is a percussion Harper’s Ferry in the classifieds right now. Having it opened up to .58 smooth or rifled shouldn’t be an issue at all.