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    C.V.A. double barrel 12 guage

    I am curious if the CVA will handle a pumpkin ball very well. I have shot buck and ball, but a little shy about stuffing a .710 with 60 grains down the barrel.
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    Rifling bench

    I have been rummaging through some old literature I have acquired through the years and stumbled on plans to make an Iowa rifling bench. I haven't seen it mentioned but am curious as to ask any of you old timers have ran across this design, besides a museum display?
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    locks, thompson center

    Well, here goes, I have ran into, once again a flint lock on a vintage Thompson Center that is a failure. I have seen one over 40 years ago that was the same problem. The frizzen is sloppy, the function is loose. I haven't seen any problems with the cap locks over the years. I purchased a lock...
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    New, old kit

    I have been bored this winter, been cold and snow. I have been busy making and repairing bee hives the most of winter. I got stuck on this forum and probably mouthed off too much. I came across Deer Creek on-line and saw they had a traditions 45 caliber kit. I wasn't expecting much for 315...
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    Budget minded

    Any one , good or bad about Deer Creek Products New Legacy Sales 6989 E Michigan Road P.O. Box 246 Waldron, IN 46182
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    information about 38 caliber Alamo

    I have a 38 caliber (Richland Arms) Alamo rifle, percussion fired. I believe at one time the NRA had this rifle in gold furniture as a commemorative, however this rifle has brass furniture. The rifle is blued and has a primer protector on the nipple. Has anyone any information on this rifle...