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  1. S.Kenton

    New Flintlocks

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and as a 15 year Hunter safety course instructor, I totally agree with reading that pesky little manual.
  2. S.Kenton

    Goex 4F out of Stock

    I’ve got a lb of ffff goex that I’ve only used a little bit of. The first time I used it was on a hot dry summer day.. shot it all day long with nary an issue. Then went out for squirrel season, was an early morning hunt, dew on the ground and a dampness in the air. The rifle shot fine… the...
  3. S.Kenton

    209 Primers

    Hey Craig, S &S muzzleloader has some They are located near Rockford Ohio. S &S opens at 4pm, If they don’t I have a box or two I can part with
  4. S.Kenton

    SOLD Leather/Cloth bag

    I sent a pm requesting your address did you receive it?
  5. S.Kenton

    SOLD Leather/Cloth bag

    I’ll take it… give me payment instructions in a PM.. thanks!
  6. S.Kenton

    Most Overrated Muzzleloading Accessories

    My vote is for a knapping hammer, pan brush and patch knife. I use a capper from Ted cash, used to use a leather capper.. but after a few years or so it went bad. My brass capper is about 10 years old or so and still works fine. I also use a ball can’t delete that.
  7. S.Kenton

    Forgot to wash ticking

    I’ve made the same mistake, I just used em.
  8. S.Kenton

    Great BP cleaning solution

    I’ve used all sorts of things… I find myself going back to water and a small squirt of dawn dishsoap… easy, cheap and effective..
  9. S.Kenton

    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    Every sentiment I would have said has already been said by others… I will say this though, I never met your Dad, but I chatted with him on here frequently, I found him to be fountain of knowledge, a gentleman and an excellent moderator. I am deeply saddened and will miss him greatly! Rest in...
  10. S.Kenton

    Just Jim

    Zonie was one of the absolute best moderators I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Although I’ve never met him personally, I still consider him a friend. This forum as well as our sport has lost one of the GREATS. I’ll certainly miss the great job he done on this site, as well as his...
  11. S.Kenton

    FOR SALE 454 round ball mold.

    Sold this mold.. thanks moderators can delete or mark as sold
  12. S.Kenton

    FOR SALE 454 round ball mold.

    Hey thanks for that information… I really wasn’t sure where to start with it I know I started high… I think I’ll just keep it now
  13. S.Kenton

    FOR SALE 454 round ball mold.

    I just seen on TOW the price for this, I’m off on price, however they are out of stock. I’d take 30$ plus 10$ to ship… I’ll leave this up till Friday then I’ll keep it if it doesn’t sell.
  14. S.Kenton

    FOR SALE 454 round ball mold.

    If I’m way off on price shoot me an offer, I honestly can’t remember how much I paid for this..
  15. S.Kenton

    FOR SALE 454 round ball mold.

    I have a Lee 454 double cavity round ball mold with handles, I’m selling. 60$ plus 10$ to ship CONUS. thanks
  16. S.Kenton

    Muzzleloader phrases out of context

    Got one for ya, wife and I went to a gun show together, whilst at the gunshow we purchased some .530 roundballs which asked her to put into her purse so we wouldn’t set them down and walk off with them. Anyhow when I got home she stated “ don’t forget your balls are in my purse” ..... 🙄🙄😕
  17. S.Kenton

    The Trooper

    My favorite British metal band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve Harris wrote tons of songs about history... and still does!
  18. S.Kenton

    Made a knife

    Those are all photos of the same knife, I thought the same thing about the rear of the cutting edge, since I do t have a guard on it, this is the safest way to do intricate work as well as heavy duty work. I will entertain and examine different designs though and keep an open mind. Thanks for...
  19. S.Kenton

    Made a knife

    Thanks guys for all the input, I’ll put more thought into my next one.. now I’m building a powder horn.
  20. S.Kenton

    Made a knife

    I may try that on my next knife, I’m a big fan of “ less is better” I like the slim tiny handles, but I see what your saying.. That extra 1/4-1/2 inch would have put it closer to the blade.The knife feels good in your hand and the pointing finger is safe and secure with the blade tang being...