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    Music for Canon Battles

    Just listening to music from the movie "Master and Commander". In the Napoleonic Wars the British drummed their men to quarters. To battle stations. For all I know they still do. But listen to that and imagine being summoned from sleep, or meal, or work detail, or aloft to man your gun. Would...
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    Cool BP, Hot Muggy Day

    Our house was built in 1950 and came with a fallout shelter which you enter by going down six steps from the basement. The temperature there is a constant 45 to 50 degrees. I have taken to storing powder down there. Today it is 90 out and very humid. I am wondering if I brought up powder and...
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    Holster Storage of Handguns

    I have heard never do it. I have heard it's ok. Purchased a BP revolver with a gorgeous El Paso Saddlery holster which deserves display. Opinions anyone?
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    An Endorsement for Tallpine

    Received a knife from Tallpine. I can not begin to say how impressed I am with it. The workmanship is flawless. The Cree style sheath is both secure and allows quick access. The carbon steel blade is beautifully made and sharp as a straight razor. The antler handle is not some random piece of...
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    Found This Flask in an Antique/Junk Shop

    Leather with a dog embossed both sides. Extrapolating from one of my measures, if used for black powder it might have thrown 60-70 grains. But was it a powder flask or a shot bag? It seems old, but I don't think so. The screw holding the spout and the funny triangular piece at the base seem...
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    Ma Deuce Cleaning Rod for Range Rod

    Remember reading a recommendation for the Ma Deuce rod as a range rod and bought one. Something of an ML novice, and thought to see if anyone else can contribute some suggestions/insight. My rifle is .54 and I think I should add some sort of washers to center/stabilize the rod should I need to...
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    Break Free CLP

    A friend's son is a SEAL. Some time back he gave each of us a quart of Break Free CLP with the comment that it is pretty much all that his team uses on firearms. Used mine up on my unmentionables and had no complaints. Has anyone tried this product on black powder guns? And how did that go?
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    Question Based on my Long Experience with Unmentionable SxS vs Total Inexperience with ML SxS

    It took me a while to get over the unmentionable world's enthusiasm for longer and more powerful shot cartridges. God knows you need skill, not 3.5 inch magnums, to shoot doves and grouse. In unmentionables now I prefer 2 inch cartridges, or 2.5 inch. I shoot better and I am happier. Which leads...
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    Colt Paterson Replicas????

    I am wondering if any of the Italian or Spanish makers ever offered replicas of the Colt Paterson?
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    WANTED Electric pot for melting lead.

    Please post a pic.
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    Fireworks Powder

    In one of the Patrick O'Brian books Cpt. Aubrey buys fireworks powder for his ship's guns. Don't remember why and it doesn't matter. In the book the guns' projectiles are accompanied by muzzle blast in various bright colors. I recently acquired a small cannon and of course I am wondering about...
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    Salt Cooked Shrimp

    I expect you could do this over a wood fire but I haven't, so for a gas range or gas grille: Pour about an inch of rock salt/ice cream salt or similar big grained salt into a 12 inch cast iron fry pan. Put it over a burner on high and ignore it for 15 minutes while the salt bed heats up. You...
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    Fuse or not?

    Not new. Neither to firearms in general nor BP/ML in particular. But I have developed a late life itch for a ML BP canon. Spend a lot of time looking at Hern's web site. I am curious about firing the beast. Videos on here run to fuses. Reading Patrick OBrien's Jack Aubrey series suggests the...
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    Why This Wood and Not That on 18th Century Rifles

    I have read that the chestnut was a go to tree for our ancestors in the 1700's, and before. It provided logs for buildings, food from the nuts, sawn lumber, firewood, almost anything you could want from a tree in, say....1760. Our rural area has been settled since the 1700's. There is a...