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  1. Josephg

    Mike has not been answering his emails

    I needn't have worried. He was off hunting. 400 pound bear with his .58 flintlock rifle. No other details now. Just got this picture in an email.
  2. Josephg

    This should.....

    Make you feel better if you're having problems with a project. Making the part will be the easy part. Reassembling the trigger will be the challenge.
  3. Josephg

    WANTED Ebony/rosewood ramrod

    .350 X 36. Wanting to replace a broken wiper/ramrod. The broken piece is Gaboon Ebony. Dark rosewood would do fine too.
  4. Josephg


    I want to replace a broken ebony/rosewood ramrod. Anyone here can make one for me? .350 X 36.
  5. Josephg

    That was easy.

    First ten shots out of my new .58 Hawken rifle. No sight corrections. 50 gr Schuetzen powder. .010 spit patch. CCI #11 caps. .575 RB. No wiping between shots. 50 yards standing. First three shots went high, nerves. First time shooting a .58 RB. Pleasant. I love it.
  6. Josephg


    Hi, I'm Joe. As I get older and firearms interests lean further and further toward the ancient hand cannon. Just entered my flintlock stage now. Exciting!