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    FOR SALE Buffalo Bullets .50 caliber

    I have 49 total (2 boxes plus part of a box) of 385 gr. and part of a box (18 bullets) 350 gr. Hollow point hollow base lead bullets. $55 shipped. steg49
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    SOLD SOLD Halfstock Hawken style .54 cal Custom percussion 1980 period $525 shipped

    Had this up for sale a few month ago but the deal fell through so here it is again. Nice half stocked Hawken styled .54 cal custom (home build) rifle from the 1980's (builder unknown). Has 30 inch Douglas Barrel 1 inch OTF that is clean with no rust, good rifling slow twist (1-66?). Hooked...
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    SOLD Three 40 cal ball blocks each holds 10 round. $10 plus $6 shipping.

    Maple wood ball block for 40 cal. check photo. steg49
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    SOLD Two 45 cal ball blocks each holds 12 rounds. $10 plus $6 to ship.

    Another item I won't be using so passing them along. check photo steg49
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    FOR SALE Two 50 Cal ball blocks each hold 12 rounds, $10 plus $6 to ship. steg49

    Check the photo, I've used these but don't need them any more. steg49
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    WITHDRAWN Knife, ball starter, muzzle guard, wad puller, bullet puller, and 45 cal bullet block.

    Small group of misc. muzzleloading stuff. Knife looks old but the sheath is new, ball starter 45 or larger, bullet puller has ramrod tip with it. Asking $55 shipped. Respond here first then send me a PM. PP friends/family OK. Thanks for looking steg49
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    WITHDRAWN Blacksmith made tools flint knife, flintlock tool kit.

    Starting to clean up my extra stuff. This is a nice flint fire starting & knife combo, plus flint hammer (has a slight bend see photo) and screw driver also a 50 cal. loading block. All for $55 shipped. Respond here first then PM me. First response get first service. Thanks steg49
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    Nice second generation Colt 1860 army 44 caliber, not a safe queen, this has been used. A few handling marks from use, nothing major. A very desirable piece as they only made 1270 of these in the 2nd gen. See photos, would consider trade for a pair of Ruger Old army in the blue, otherwise...
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    FOR SALE Thompson Center Patriot 45 Cal and Extra .36 Cal. Barrel $830 shipped

    I've had the 45 Cal pistol some 35 + years used very little and along the way I picked up an extra .36 barrel. Just not using this enough so it going to go to a new home. The 45 is factory build, the .36 barrel was a kit barrel as marked with K. A few handling marks but in pretty nice shape...
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    SOLD .451 round balls, 4 boxes for $56 shipped

    Top says it all, 3 unopened Speer and one box part hand cast and part Speer. 400 bullets total shipped priority flat rate small box. $56 Friends or family PP or USPS money order. steg49
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    FOR SALE Antonio Zoli Replica Remington 1863 Zouave .58 Percussion Rifle

    Manufactured by Antonio Zoli & Co. Bresica, Italy for Sears. Brass barrel bands, nose cap, trigger guard, butt plate & patch box. Blued barrel, lock and hammer case color. Walnut stock, overall very good condition, stock has some dings from use & two filled holes behind the tang from peep...
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    FOR SALE Ideal .375 - 87 single cavity mold

    Used but clean Ideal .375-87 round ball mold (.36 pistol). Asking $50 shipped. steg49
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    FOR SALE Lee .456 double cavity conical bullet mold for Ruger Old Army

    Used Lee .456 mold but works fine, double cavity, I no longer need this Ruger Old Army mold. $60 Shipped I'll have photos in a few. Thanks steg49
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    SOLD Halfstock Hawken Style .54 Cal

    Custom made 1980-period Percussion halfstock. 30 inch Douglas barrel 1 inch OTF hooked breech with cleanout screw. Barrel is clean with nice rifling. Longs lock of Denver, double set triggers, stripped maple stock, inside of lock mortice is glass bedded. LOP 13 3/4 inches. Home build (Maker...
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    SOLD Pietta 1858 Navy .36 cal. $250 Shipped

    For sale Pietta .36 caliber 1858 model revolver steel frame. Lightly used with about 95%+ bluing. Pistol has two issues, the previous owner shortened the front sight, and didn't clean the barrel well enough so there is some very light pitting near the muzzle. Neither of these should interfere...
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    SOLD Two older skinning knives

    Here are two wood handled skinning knives, well used but lots of blade left. One straight, one curved No name on the blades. Check photos, asking $35 for both shipped. steg49
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    SOLD Small Lot of Muzzle Loading Items

    This is extra stuff that I have had in my shooting box that I no longer need. Check the photo for what is there, small ball block is .50 cal., powder measure and nipple wrench both have a screw in pick. Asking $50 shipped. steg49
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    SOLD .480 round ball mold

    I have never used this mold, marked only 50 CAL. As photos show a .490 is to large to fit in the mold but a .480 fits nicely. Mold is aluminum will fit Lyman small handles. Asking $50 shipped. steg49
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    WITHDRAWN Antonio Zoli Zouave 58 cal. Musket

    For sale an Antonio Zoli & Co. replica of US Model 1863 "Zouave" Rifled Musket in .58 Cal. MISSING BOTH FRONT AND REAR SIGHTS. Manufactured in Italy and sold by Sears Robuck and Co. has walnut stock, brass furniture, 33 inch blued barrel with bayonet lug. Color case hardened lock with eagle...
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    SOLD 25 pound bag of #4 lead shot

    Unopen 25 lbs. bag of Lawrence brand #4 lead shot, bag is faded but unopened. $70 Shipped Money order or PayPal steg49