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  1. Mulebrain

    Something You Don't See Often

    Scrounged this out of a back room of an old gun shop. It is a 6 bore double, and the bores aren't bad. I assume it was cut down many moons ago. She is a heavy beast! It wasn't even for sale, but he let me buy it.
  2. Mulebrain

    FOR SALE Thompson Center Tree Hawk Black Powder Rifle Cap Lock In .50 Caliber

    Hardly used if any, bore is a mirror! The rest speaks for itself 375.00 shipped
  3. Mulebrain

    FOR SALE Antique Reading Glasses Solid Gold

    Antique solid gold reading glasses, my gold buyer tested them around 10-14k 200.00 obo
  4. Mulebrain

    SOLD Lyman GPR .54

    Hardly used, and just a sweet rifle. Mint bore, and match target sights 700.00 plus shipping
  5. Mulebrain

    SOLD Little Colt Revolver

    I think this is in .32, and everything is working. Trigger guard has been shaved off, don't know why. 225.00 shipped Good clean little pistol
  6. Mulebrain

    Colt Navy Pistol

    Thoughts on this pistol?
  7. Mulebrain

    CLOSED Antique Glasses Spectacles Solid Gold

    Picked these up and the Chicago show from a high end clock dealer. I just don't use or need them. They are solid gold, and my gold dealer graded them between 14 and 18 k, current lenses are readers I arranged the pictures, but they are all upside down 225.00 Shipped
  8. Mulebrain

    WITHDRAWN Pietta 1860 Army

    As new never fired 350.00 plus shipping I don't have the box with it, looks like someone fiddled with the wedge screw
  9. Mulebrain

    Heavy Barrel Bench Target Rifle By Bill Large "Old Bull Cinch"

    This beast got to heavy for one of our club members, so it's been sitting for years. I struck a deal with him to get it, and now it will return to the firing line again after being silent for many years. He told me he acquired it from HP Gregory years ago. She is close to .50 caliber, and shoots...
  10. Mulebrain

    It's Coming Back Home

    I sent Mark Weader a stock to shape, when he got it he gave me a call. He asked me if I needed any firewood, and told me the stock wasn't salvageable. So I went with a new stock for my barrel, and cant wait to get it. Hoping everything works out with the lock and liner placement . Got to get...
  11. Mulebrain

    FOR SALE Antique Original Percussion Match Target Rifle By Stevens

    This rifle has had repairs in the past as can be seen, and the the stock is weak. I was going to make another stock for it, but got too much going on. The sights are missing, but you can see where they were. The lock holds half cock and full cock. The barrel is pretty nice with rifling present...
  12. Mulebrain

    SOLD Percussion Black Powder Pistol .45 Project

    Not sure what this is called, but in .45 with nice bore. The lock works well, but the barrel needs an underlug installed, and front sight as well. 140.00 shipped
  13. Mulebrain

    SOLD Derringer Percussion Pistol .45

    Derringer pistol lock works, minty bore 140.00 shipped Has some scuffs from handling Don't know why the darn pics aren't straight?
  14. Mulebrain

    SOLD Black Powder Rifle .50

    I think this rifle is stocked in cherry, not exactly sure. This rifle came with some other guns I was buying. I have never shot it Has Green Mountain .50 barrel, L&R percussion lock, Davis double triggers, rear adjustable sight. Bore is a mirror, and rifle is in good shape. You have to set the...
  15. Mulebrain

    SOLD 1851 Colt Navy Pistol

    Appears as new and unfired, old stock CVA, 250.00 plus shipping
  16. Mulebrain

    SOLD 1858 Remington

    Never fired as new 350.00 plus shipping
  17. Mulebrain

    SOLD Flintlock Rifle By Matt Avance .50 Swamped Barrel German Silver Furniture

    Uncle Sugar needs feeding, otherwise this wouldn't be on the chopping block This rifle has been to the range only twice, and I got it from the original owner who had it built 7 years ago. He shot it once, and it just sat in his closet. The condition of the frizzen reflects that! Swamped...
  18. Mulebrain

    SOLD 1969 Hawes Firearms CO Los Angeles California 1851 Navy Colt Pistol

    She is a project! Broken hand, all springs broke, and looks to have been played with . Bore is dirty but not rusty and rifling looks good. 100.00 shipped
  19. Mulebrain

    SOLD Iron Mounted Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle

    Used Mountain Rifle in .50 caliber, with upgraded match triggers, and target sights. Bore is perfect and a mirror! There is some blemishes on the barrel. I have not fired this rifle looking for 950.00 plus actual shipping
  20. Mulebrain

    Musket Cap Nipple Conversion

    I am looking for a nipple that I can thread into my musket, so it will accept #11, or #10 caps. I thought I had one, but no luck