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  1. Tallswife

    Texas Persimmons

    Diospyros texana – Texas persimmon revisited OR still searching for black | debmcclintock Ripe Persimmon with high PH | debmcclintock Diospyros Texana Persimmon Smashing | debmcclintock astringent persimmon dyeing – Janice Paine Dawes, Artist Perplexing Persimmons | Deep in the Heart of...
  2. Tallswife

    FOR SALE Voyageur cap

    Still available! Winter is coming!
  3. Tallswife

    My bad to the bone Capote!

    Looking good!!
  4. Tallswife

    Storing 18th century wool and linen

    @Loyalist Dave you may find this article interesting History of Ironing
  5. Tallswife

    Storing 18th century wool and linen

    Get rid of the dryer sheets to start with. Vacuume pack your clothing when not in use. Sealing it up while clean is the best option. Clothing can be dry cleaned with a treatment that will repel moths. Adding cedar is good, cinnamon, cloves and lavander also work. They make vac bags that you...
  6. Tallswife

    Jerry Barnhart

    Jerry Barnhart aka Brother Bear of Colorado and New Hampshire passed away last Saturday, July 17th. Raise a glass and smoke a cigar in his honor. He will be greatly missed! Blessed Be!
  7. Tallswife

    FOR SALE Voyageur cap

    This hat is complete hand created. The 100% Merino wool comes from my flock of sheep. Hand processed, 3-ply handspun yarn, and hand knit in the round. This cap fits my husband’s 21” head snugly. He has no fear of it falling off. The heavier weight yarn ensures warmth during the coldest winter...
  8. Tallswife

    Greetings from the Rockies

    Welcome from your neighbor to the north!
  9. Tallswife


    My hubby use to guide hunters in the same area, so he is quite familiar with the lay of the land. Plus, our hunt area is on private ground owned by a friend, who will also be up there hunting as well. So, I guess you could say, unofficially guided LOL! My first time in the area, I'm more...
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    We are pretty excited. Havent had a chance to hunt since 2018 and hubby since 2017. Good times await!
  12. Tallswife


    Woohoo!! Hubby and I both drew cow/calf elk tags for the Big Horn mountain's. Looking forward to going out in traditional Colonial dress and hunting with my flinter. Fingers crossed!!
  13. Tallswife

    Arrow Sash.

    My vote is that it is wool and it is finger woven. If you look at the end where your knots are, you see the threads coming in to that point on an angle, that is indicitave of finger weaving. You dont see the angle like that on an inkle or other type of loom. Very nice piece.
  14. Tallswife

    You tube channel
  15. Tallswife

    Hello from Scotland...

    Welcome from Wyoming! Love your show! Lucky you! Slàinte mhath
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    Congratulations on taking the plunge!! Your strap looks great and your technique will get better with practice!
  17. Tallswife

    looking for sash for rifleman's frock

    Looks good!!
  18. Tallswife

    looking for sash for rifleman's frock

    Depends on what you mean by small. The bigger the yarn/thread the bigger your sash will be. HA yarns would be wool, linen, cotton and silk. Linsey-woolsey is also HA. That is Linen warp threads with wool weft threads. Here is a link to what the weaving numbers mean as far as yarn sizes...
  19. Tallswife

    dyeing frock help,,,,,,,,,,,

    please be advised that over time it can fade out to a silvery brown color. You can overdye it with walnut at any time
  20. Tallswife

    dyeing frock help,,,,,,,,,,,

    I get mine from Dharma trading. They can do a 1lb special order right now. They carry what you need for the whole process. Scroll down their list to find it Walnut hull