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  1. Juice Jaws


    Where did the little man go??
  2. Juice Jaws


    Has anyone had any dealings with Taylor's and Company. Looking at ordering some cap and ball parts from them and was looking for some feed back on the outfit.
  3. Juice Jaws


    I must have a brain fart, went to post some pics and couldn't figure how to do it. I have post pics many times, anything change or am I getting too old for this. Thanks
  4. Juice Jaws

    .177 BB's

    Now that in Calif. you can't use lead for hunting , has any one ever try using just plain 177mm BB's that we use in our BB guns?
  5. Juice Jaws

    Delete Post

    Say you are writing a post and then decide not to send it. How do you delete the un-send post?? Thanks
  6. Juice Jaws

    Signing In

    Angie, Had to sign back in today, had a hard time but finally got in. Is this something we are going to have to do each month? Had to do it last month also.
  7. Juice Jaws

    Picture Size

    Angie, For some reason sometimes the pictures in the threads are huge and other times they are normal size. Even the same pictures sometimes go from large to small or the other way around. Was wondering if it was something on my in or forums in. Not a big deal but was just wondering. Thanks...
  8. Juice Jaws

    Oil for Bone Handles

    Have a old bone handle knife haven't use in years, notice the bone's color has fade some, what's a good oil to refresh it with. Thanks ahead of time.
  9. Juice Jaws

    Flint lock problem

    Shooting my flintlock today and all of a sudden, I can not cock the hammer all the way back and have it hold in place without setting the set trigger first. Before I could cock it and set the trigger, but not now. When I clean it the lock work just fine out of the gun, but when I put ever thing...
  10. Juice Jaws

    Mixing Powder

    For some reason I have a couple of pounds of 4F that I will never be able to go through just using it for priming. Was wondering if it would be safe to mix it with 3F. And if so what should the mix be -- 50/50, 40/60, etc. All my loads would be 60 grains or less. Would also use it in my .36...
  11. Juice Jaws


    Just got done reading the " The Iron Brigade " by Rufus R. Dawes. Dawes began as a Pvt. in the 6 Wis. and ended up being its Col. One of the best first hand accounts of what it was like in battle and camp life during all the battles in the East. A lot of the writing is through letters to his...
  12. Juice Jaws

    Where did he go

    Had this deer here all summer, 50 yds from back door, deer season opens and he has gone into hiding
  13. Juice Jaws

    Premium Section

    For some reason I do not have Premium Section on my laptop. But it shows up in my Kindle Fire. Anyone know why its not showing up on my laptop?? Thanks for the help
  14. Juice Jaws

    Flintlock Book

    Has anyone read Flintlocks - A Practical Guide for their Use and Appreciation? By Eric A. Bye Looks like a interesting book about flintlocks.
  15. Juice Jaws

    Sitting Bull and Goggles

    My Nov. 2018 True West Magazine on page 25 has a picture of Sitting Bull wearing green goggles. Thought maybe he had a eye problem then Laura Winthrop Johnson met a group of Lakotas in 1875 and several of them were wearing blue goggles, has anyone ever read anything like this??
  16. Juice Jaws

    Mink Oil

    Going to try mink oil as a lube for my patches. I have mink oil paste for shoes, can one use that??
  17. Juice Jaws

    Counting Miles

    I hope this is the right place to post this. As you read books on the mountain men, Texas rangers, etc, they always talk about how many miles they walk or rode. How did they come up with the mileage? You read about we march 20 miles today, or we rode hard 30 miles over night. I don't think they...
  18. Juice Jaws

    Colt 1862 Police

    Thinking about getting a Colt 1862 Police Pocket. But have read and seen a few videos about caps getting suck on the hammer face quite often and having to be remove before next shot. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks
  19. Juice Jaws

    Uberti Revolver's

    I have read that Uberti Revolver's have a short arbor. What does that mean? Thanks
  20. Juice Jaws

    Cimarron Firearm Co.

    I have been looking at some of their black powder pistols and was wondering if anyone has one or know anything about the company. Thanks