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  1. dick rankin

    Help!!! Broke stock.

    For any of you gun builders/fixers I need your help. Just dropped my gun, careless I know, and am looking for recommendations to repair a broken stock. I’m thinking epoxy and a couple cutoff short but heavy nails and clamped might work. Nails won’t show as they’ll be under the trigger guard...
  2. dick rankin

    jug choking

    Anybody out there had your gun choked and seen any negative effects on roundball accuracy? Anybody that had their gun jug choked and NOT notice any tightening in the pattern with shot?
  3. dick rankin

    rifle retrofit

    I have a McCoy rifle that has the barrel attached with screws coming up thru the bottom of the thimbles. I am going to install new thimbles and pin the barrel so it will look a bit more traditionally built. I see there are at least a couple different ways of attaching a barrel lug. Simply...
  4. dick rankin

    TC Seneca

    I read a post a while back where someone re-finished a Seneca and I thought he mentioned he had browned the barrel. How would you brown an already blued barrel. By the way the re-do really looked good.