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  1. S.Kenton

    FOR SALE 454 round ball mold.

    I have a Lee 454 double cavity round ball mold with handles, I’m selling. 60$ plus 10$ to ship CONUS. thanks
  2. S.Kenton

    Made a knife

    So I have been working on a knife for a little while now, I had actually had it up for sale here, it didn’t sell, I had a few nibbles but no taker. I decided I would reshape the blade and resharpen it... what do you guys think first pictures are when it was first made, second set it what it...
  3. S.Kenton


    I have up for your consideration a knife made by me, it has a 7” blade and a 4-1/2 handle made of lightly curled maple. It has 2 brass pins. The blade is high carbon steel and is very sharp. 90$ shipped to your door
  4. S.Kenton

    One more from the horn bench

    Just finished this one by request, I’m happy with it, simple yet functional. The horn is translucent towards the base plug so one can keep an eye on the amount of powder You have. It was a fun’ll be on its way to its new owner this week
  5. S.Kenton

    Help reading these patches..

    So I shot my GPR again today along with a good friend of mine who also just entered the realm of black powder shooting. We shots at his place in his woods to get out of the 30 mph wind we had today. We shot around 30-40 times each around 25-60 yards. My rifle maintained descent accuracy, but I...
  6. S.Kenton

    New Lancaster

    This had started out to be a JP Beck rifle, now it’s simply an early Lancaster. I had purchased a stock, buttplate, trigger guard and toe plate from fellow member of this forum. The barrel channel was already cut for a 7/8 barrel, the ramrod hole was also drilled. When I took this to my builder...
  7. S.Kenton

    WITHDRAWN NEI 530 4 cavity round ball mold

    It has Lyman large handles, I have a lot of $$ in this set up. I would like to trade for a two cavity 530. Lee or Lyman needs to have handles. I’ll pay shipping my way and you yours. Pm me with any questions
  8. S.Kenton

    WITHDRAWN Short starters/ palm savers

    I have up for your consideration a smaller version of a palm saver or short start. They are for the person who wants to save space in thier shooting bag, these are petite... but extremely strong!! The wood is all hardwood, the dowel is pinned in place, as is the brass end. Both are epoxied as...
  9. S.Kenton

    How do you display your tomahawks?

    As of now I just set them on my desk in my gun room... but I’d like a little more creative and practical way to display them.
  10. S.Kenton

    Looking for a traditional worm and ball puller

    I’ve seen a few at friendship a few years back and had no need for them then. Now I have an early Lancaster coming and would like to find the more traditional, possibly hand forged, patch puller and ball puller. Is there a good site besides TOW to seek these out? TOW has the 1817 military...
  11. S.Kenton

    Question about Lyman gpr rifles.

    I purchased a Lyman GPR from a fellow member here and I love it. My buddy just purchased one from another forum member here, I noticed subtle differences in the two. For instance, mine has deep stamping that says what the rifle is, along with that is says made in Italy, it has no keeper spring...
  12. S.Kenton

    WANTED Rifle for a buddy

    I’m looking for a used, but well taken care of 50-54 caliber Percussion rifle in a 13-1/2 to 13-3/4 LOP. Would consider a Lyman GPR, Hatfield/ frontier or a traditional Hawken rifle. I believe he would like a nice slow twist rifle for patch round ball. Not looking for cva or Thompson center...
  13. S.Kenton

    New flintlock coming...

    I’m having a new rifle made for me. my good friend Lee Wise is building my Lancaster ( jp Beck inspired) rifle. It’s a plain piece of maple with mineral stains, it has a 42 inch straight colrain round rifled barrel, (The stock was already inlet for this barrel... or I would have went swamped)...
  14. S.Kenton

    SOLD Very nice shot bag

    I have a beautifully made shot bag made by cutfingers. I no longer have a fowler and want another one of his ball bags instead, for a different caliber. Rather than modify this bag and possibly mess it up I’m offering it for sale, it’s full of with what I’d guess is number 6 or 7 shot. I can...
  15. S.Kenton

    Latest horn

    Just got this one done... love doing the simple rustic horns..I’ve been wanting to do one to go along with my Southern Mountain Rifle... I have a JP Beck coming within a few months, I’ll be doing another horn for it, here’s the started Horn...I have a little way to go on it... slim it down some...
  16. S.Kenton

    CLOSED Percussion cap tins.. FREE

    I have 5 percussion cap tins FREE to anyone who wants them. I hate to throw them away, they make nice little trinket holders. I peen them out and throw them in the fire to burn off all the paint and lettering, then I steel wool them and blue them.. rub it back and use. The tins are empty BTW... 😉
  17. S.Kenton

    Pietta 1860 Army bullet suggestions?

    I just purchased an 1860 Pietta revolver and would like to by a mold. Before buying a mold though I need some round ball size suggestions. What are you guys using for your Pietta 1860 army revolvers? Unfortunately Track doesn’t just sell samples...
  18. S.Kenton

    Anyone have a pattern for an 1860 colt revolver holster?

    Where can I get a pattern for that? Maybe looking for a slim Jim type, would consider others as well. 8 inch is the barrel length
  19. S.Kenton

    SOLD Premium short starter

    I bought this along time ago from a fellow member here named Ohio Ramrod... it’s extremely well made with a Nylon muzzle gaurd. The Brass shaft Is pinned into the deer antler and theres an indent for the ball to set into as you start it into the muzzle. 25$ plus 5$ to ship
  20. S.Kenton

    FOR SALE River cane Powder measure

    I made this a while back, 90 grains, can shorten it, or add beeswax to adjust. 25$ Buyer pays 5$ to ship