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  1. Mulebrain

    Priming with 3F

    The only reason I prime with 4f, is so I can use it up. Will never buy it again
  2. Mulebrain

    very old caplock.

    Have you checked the bore with a drop in light? I have rescued some pretty cruddy bores, and it's worth a try. I usually plug the nipple, and fill the bore with white vinegar. I let that sit for a week or so, and scrub the bore well, and check it. I will use Naval jelly as well sometimes. She...
  3. Mulebrain

    Belgian Brown Bess repair

    I would be looking to IMA for the lock or parts for this gun
  4. Mulebrain

    J.p. beck flinklock

    I usually tell them, I have a friend who might be interested in it so I need to send him the pics. It hasn't been a problem yet. Strange especially if they want to sell it.
  5. Mulebrain

    Brand new

    Welcome My Kibler Colonial, you really cant beat it for the price in the semi custom gun market.
  6. Mulebrain

    FOR SALE Tradition Kentucky .50

    I will take it, PM sent
  7. Mulebrain

    Shooting Lead, or antique treasure?

    Send me the old lead, and I will ship you back the same weight in meltable lead. PM Me
  8. Mulebrain

    First traditional harvest

    When a Gran Torino, hit one of our bulls that got loose in 1978, it wasn't a harvest. He survived the night with half of his head caved in, and we killed him the next day. You should have seen the car!
  9. Mulebrain

    Old guy found his way back!

    Mulebrain, still here Welcome back, remember your avatar
  10. Mulebrain

    CW cannon completion at 1000 yds.

    I really enjoyed that, thanks for posting
  11. Mulebrain

    Something You Don't See Often

    If anyone knows anyone, who can copy a spring, I am all ears??
  12. Mulebrain

    Something You Don't See Often

    Finding a spare lock for parts will be like a needle in a haystack. These locks are twice the size of regular back action locks.
  13. Mulebrain

    Something You Don't See Often

    Thanks for all the advice folks, shale head. I think getting a replacement main spring is gonna be a pain. Anyone have any leads on where to locate one this size, or someone who can make it?
  14. Mulebrain

    Honing pitted barrel.

    Welcome The breech plug should never be removed for routine cleaning. I think what your describing is what we call slugging the bore. I have never done it, but it can be done with good results. I would however send the barrel to Bobby Hoyt, and let him go at it.
  15. Mulebrain

    Help with nipples for 1851 colt

    Chuck the nipples in a drill, and go at them carefully against a file.
  16. Mulebrain

    What did you do today

    I went and looked at something grand! Steam engines, and diesel engines have not been ran since 1957. The large engine ran machinery, and the ones indoors provided all the electricity. Been a fan of steam power my whole life, and may look to save the big engine.