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  1. Eddie Southgate

    Forgot to wash ticking

    Don't normally wash mine.
  2. Eddie Southgate

    Firing the ramrod down range.

    So far in well over 50 years of shooting I have never launched a rod .
  3. Eddie Southgate

    Load data for 45 cal

    55 gr ffg , .440 ball , .015-.018 patch works for me .
  4. Eddie Southgate

    OK. Stupid Question Time

    Next time use a rubber band for a temporary main spring and save your hair.
  5. Eddie Southgate

    TC Cherokee Returns Home

    Sorry for your loss , glad you got the rifle back .
  6. Eddie Southgate

    Southern Mountain Rifle caliber?

    .40 or .45 either would do nicely .
  7. Eddie Southgate

    Sargent York - 1941

    He means Audie Murphy , one of the most decorated US soldier of WWII who was also later an actor .
  8. Eddie Southgate

    Triple 7 ignition problems

    I have used T7 but have had no issues . I would avoid Pyrodex as it rusts worse than anything else you can use. Do you use a scraper to remove any fouling from the breech plug face when you clean ? I think that helps some with the ignition problems . Not all flash channels are as open as they...
  9. Eddie Southgate

    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    Sorry to hear this I will be praying for y'all .
  10. Eddie Southgate

    Help i need a stuck bullet

    What ya been smoking Ron ? :dunno: Got any left ? :ghostly:
  11. Eddie Southgate

    Tumbling bullets

    I'm pretty sure the only trouble you will have killing an Elk with the PRB is gonna be finding the Elk to shoot . Round balls are excellent killers.
  12. Eddie Southgate

    Shot in the bears eyes

    So you can shoot yourself if it gets after you .
  13. Eddie Southgate

    Long Gone Classics

    So your saying the Beaver was safe if Rock was all they had to worry about ? :thumb:
  14. Eddie Southgate

    Long Gone Classics

    Must have been well thought of by those who bought them , you never see them for sale . Bob Tingle made a decent rifle during the period mentioned . The Cecil Brooks rifle that Turner sold was a nice little rifle as was the Richland Arms Wesson rifle .
  15. Eddie Southgate

    First shots from the .50 cal Kibler

    Before you settle try 10 more grains in 5 grain increments as well as cutting back by 5 , Also try either a .495 ball or a slightly thicker patch . I have had more success from playing with lube and patch thickness than I have from changing ball size . Those are good groups but I'm betting they...
  16. Eddie Southgate

    Kibler Colonial .50 cal---debating on my load

    I have several .50 caliber rifles that I have hunted with over the years . My load powder wise ,depending on which rifle , is 55-65 grains of 2f . I have a couple that use a .495 ball with a .015 patch the others like the .490 with the same patch . I have for years used Sperm oil for patch lube...
  17. Eddie Southgate

    25 or so yrs ago my Uncle short started his brand new rifle.....

    It does explode. Goes up in a puff , even makes a little noise and you can feel the pressure coming off of it as it goes. Ignited on a flat rock in an open pile it is not contained so does not build near as much pressure and builds what pressure it does spread out over a much larger area.
  18. Eddie Southgate

    25 or so yrs ago my Uncle short started his brand new rifle.....

    Then you posted without reading the thread . Who is this We you are referring to ? I know it was neither because I read where the OP stated there was only one ball and no other obstruction . He was a witness , I have no reason to think he lied .
  19. Eddie Southgate

    25 or so yrs ago my Uncle short started his brand new rifle.....

    Read the big red warning toward the bottom of page 24 of this TC instruction manual , then use your own judgment as to whether they know what they are talking about or not . They do employ lots of engineers and they do run tests in their lab to determine if a short load will actually damage a...
  20. Eddie Southgate

    25 or so yrs ago my Uncle short started his brand new rifle.....

    Not a scientist or engineer so I really can't do that . Pipe bomb was a slight exaggeration on my part , but maybe not by much . Black powder needs to be compressed to be a propellant so that it burns progressively going down the barrel . Left loose in the barrel due to a ball not being seated...