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    Pietta 1851 Navy

    Steel barrels are like deer. They have gotten tougher through the years.
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    What would you choose?

    .54 hawken style rifle and a large caliber smoothbore pistol for harvesting squirrels and perching birds.
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    noob - what do i need, what is a waste of $ ?

    Yes 2F is still burning when the ball leaves the barrel but what is wrong with that? I think there is nothing wrong with a little extra sparks, boom, and fire.
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    .45 caliber RB enough for deer?

    They were just doing what they read about in a magazine. That it takes serious firepower to kill a deer. Just like thinking that you must have a .54 when a .45 does the same job.
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    Lyman GPR peep

    Midway has them in stock if anyone needs one.
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    Alcohol source

    I find the opposite to be true. To me the 101 has a higher concentration of flavor and the 81 tastes diluted, because it is. Sure the 101 has more spark/burn but it has more flavor. At least to me.
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    1f powder

    The best solution is to go buy a muzzleloading shotgun!
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    Smoothbore rate of twist?

    I am sure it spins or tumbles a little bit once it leaves the bore. But the bore is not imparting it.
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    Pushing For More Reasonable Hunting Regulations?

    I do not know what I am going to use next year. I hear that the deer are wearing kevlar these days.
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    Why aren’t handles included with some bullet moulds?

    Same reason that files do Not or used to not come with handles. Also like a ratchet handle works with multiple sockets so you do not have to have a ratchet for each size. No sense in having the expense and bulk of multiple handles. If you find it is more convenient to have dedicated handles for...
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    Pigeons and barley.

    You got to miss a few or they will never fly away to tell their friends.
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    First black powder rifle, headed to the range.

    Looks good. If by some chance you run into issues try loading without using cartridges in case their construction causes any issues.
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    Interesting that the one pamphlet says not to mix it until ready to use. Most everyone stores it premixed.
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    T/C Bore Butter?

    It is OK for what it is. It is no miracle cure but it is a good lube.
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    Alcohol source

    What does everyone use for alcohol? I see lots of posts suggesting to use alcohol for cleaning. I do not use much of it but a year ago I needed some ISO alcohol for mixing with lanolin for reloading case lube and I had a hard time finding it and it was expensive. Granted this was when everyone...
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    Western Arms 1860 Army

    Local gun store.
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    Remember this on the 4th

    That sounds like loyalist talk.
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    Excessive Fouling

    This makes sense if you are a hunter. I know my squeaky clean barrel shot out of my renegade prints a few inches high and left of the group it prints with a fouled barrel.
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    Caps popping off

    Nipple fit. Nipple is too small or caps are too large. I would try another nipple.
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    Does a 12 g BP shotgun exist that will shoot a pattern with no holes at 35 yards?

    The answer is surely yes. The question is how many of them do you want to go through and how much time do you want to spend working on load development.