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  1. Larry (Omaha)

    Fall Shoot, Jefferson Iowa, 9/17,18,19, 2021 (photos)

    ANNUAL FALL SHOOT SEPTEMBER 17, 18, 19, 2021 Camp opens Thursday (Sept. 16) Modern and Primitive Range Opens 9:00 Friday Last Targets Sold 10:00 Sunday – Last Relay 1:00 Sunday Traditional - No Re-Entry, Patched Round Ball, Open Sights Aggregate (Men, Women and Youth) Percussion, Flintlock...
  2. Larry (Omaha)

    WANTED 3 Foot stave of osage orange to make a crossbow

    Looking for a stave that is seasoned and ready to make into a crossbow. I want something that can be made into a 60 + - draw weight Larry
  3. Larry (Omaha)

    Ok, what is the best shot/shots you have seen or accomplished?

    My witness was a relative shooting 60 yards off hand at a regulation ML pistol target with his 50 cal Lyman GP caplock. He won the match with a 50xx or 50xxx Don't have to be targets, critters count too.🍿 Larry
  4. Larry (Omaha)

    Short vid on good flintlock ignition.

    Shooting the prairie walk with a decent flintlock. Larry
  5. Larry (Omaha)

    Flintlock Slow Mo and lagged ignition

    Went to a black powder shoot and this prairie walk was part of the shooting. This shooter is a very good one, about 99% of the time. His trusty rifle had a hick up and produced a considerable delay in ignition. Thought I would share. (turn your volume up) Larry
  6. Larry (Omaha)

    Asking for experienced advice on revolver wear n tear

    I am the owner of a Uberti 44 cal Remington 1858. It shoots and functions just fine, now! I was planning on taking the pistol to a BP shoot in two weeks, but question what I see after an inspection of the gun. Forgive my lack of proper technological terms: The indexing cones at the wide part...
  7. Larry (Omaha)

    FOR SALE 2 Boxes of 25, 58 cal mini new in box from Track

    Current cost below photos is from Track's website. I did not see the 585213, so posted their price of 580s $40.00 for both, plus postage. Larry bullets, .58 caliber, Minie, Springfield .580", Lyman 580-213, pure lead, hollow base, per 25 Bullets, .58 caliber, Minie, Springfield...
  8. Larry (Omaha)

    Last Dec 31 post of forward to finished rifle.

    Hey guys, Last Dec a member asked for projects that we had started and Dec 31, I posted the first three photos. 1. RJ Renner made underhammer complete rifle. 2. My purchased R J Renner receiver, 3. Chunk of black walnut & butt plate. Last week I finished the project. photos (4,5,6)...
  9. Larry (Omaha)

    Looking for hand engraver located around Omaha NE?

    I have some rifle barrels I would like to have hand engraved, with simple words in cursive. Omaha NE to my knowledge and search has none. All inquiries in Omaha produced laser, and machine engraving only. Any help from the forum would be appreciated. Thanks, Larry
  10. Larry (Omaha)

    A mini cradle for checkering

    Hey guys, 40 or so years ago, using a blank stock, I put together a double barrel 12 gauge flintlock shotgun. I never checkered a stock before, but did that one. Not knowing much, I asked a fellow muzzleloader for some tips. He said, "ya got to have a cradle, so the work moves, not the...
  11. Larry (Omaha)

    Was leather used in muzzleloading rifle making?

    Man has always used leather for many items, since it was first produced by civilization. I am just wondering if muzzleloading guns had ever had leather on a stock that was permanent? Like glued verses laced on. Thanks in advance
  12. Larry (Omaha)

    WOW, that was quick service!

    I was getting low on Hornady .495 RBs and went to my usual sources, no dice, no have in stock. Bummer!!! Sat (the 16th) I surfed the net and came up with a lot of "Out Of Stock". I finally found "Powder Valley Inc" and checked out their .495 prices. They only had two in stock, so I placed...
  13. Larry (Omaha)

    Not liking my rust bluing turn out. Suggestion on alternative?

    Having issues rust bluing my underhammer parts. I degreased, and applied the solution to the small parts and they came out decent. Today, I tried to get the receiver and butt plate. The butt plate is not bad, but the receiver is a joke. (just a light gray) I am thinking about changing horses...
  14. Larry (Omaha)

    The why of what composes a shotgun load?

    Never have been much of a shotgunner, mostly cuz I can't hit a moving target!😂 Went to a clay shoot yesterday and my SIL shot my 12 gauge double flintlock. He never shot a muzzleloading shotgun before, but hit his first clay. I showed him how I learned to load, but often wondered why we use a...
  15. Larry (Omaha)

    Tung oil on black walnut question

    I am using Sutherland Wells tung oil on a black walnut underhammer build. I have used this fine product for two other rifles and it is almost dummy proof for good results. My two previous builds were curly maple. I used around 7 coats of tung oil. This black walnut has 9 or 10 coats of full...
  16. Larry (Omaha)

    What is best no nonsense approach to remove hardened beeswax from mini bullets?

    I really thought beeswax was going to be the cat's meow for my mini ball accuracy, and coated a box or two. Found out it does not work for me. I softened the beeswax prior to coating the bullets with some olive oil, but it is still sticky good old beeswax. I want to put the minis back to...
  17. Larry (Omaha)

    Lyman GP 50 cal and RB diameter you use

    Going to a simple novelty shoot next week. Just a few matches, but they are having cap lock and flint matches. My SIL shoots a Lyman caplock and I shoot a home build flintlock. Since there are only a few matches why dirty two guns each? We are just going to swap rifles to keep the clean up...
  18. Larry (Omaha)

    Just curious about using a patch with a mini?

    My 58 Zouave shoots decent with a .580 mini. My mind wandered the other day and was curious if a patch on a mini would be a plus or a minus idea. I know the mini skirt is taking the place of the patch for rotating the mini in the rifling. Would a patch on a mini help keep fouling down and or...
  19. Larry (Omaha)

    Best way to plug a barrel for immersion

    Coming up on my underhammer project will be a hot rust blue treatment for the metals. I have never immersed a barrel in boiling water and want to make sure my plugs and precautions will be 100% effective against water entering the bore. I am thinking about using a rubber cork for the barrel...